Monday 100607

Back squat 3, 3, 3+ @ 70%, 80%, 90%

Followed by; as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:

5 Hang squat cleans, 70% of bodyweight

6 x 10m shuttle sprints

Post rounds to comments. 


Justin is a perfect example of how one can maintain a high level of fitness – despite an injury.

Injury prevention is key – no doubt.  Knowing your limitations, being diligent with warm-ups and warm-downs, as well as addressing weakness with accessory work can prevent injuries.  But, let's face it – injuries happen.  What's important is that we learn something from these set backs and become stronger because of them.

Let me give you an example that is close to home.  I have a relative who swears that she has bad knees.  Because of this belief, she avoids any and all activities that involve excessive use (flexion and extension) of that joint, leaving her prone to injury.

Unfortunately, she took a nasty spill that resulted in a hairline fracture in the tibial plateau (the top of her tibia).  After not being able to put much weight on it or bend it, that knee and the musculature that supports it has become very weak and requires months of PT.  Worse yet, she is not able to do the things that she loved to do without assistance.

This is a slippery slope that we don't want to go down.  If we acknowledge our weaknesses before they lead to injury, we can live a long and independent life filled with fun activities.  If an injury does occur – don't allow it to decrease your fitness as a whole.  Talk to your loving trainers, who will modify the workout to fit your abilites.  Starting over from scratch is no fun, neither is being injured – adapt and overcome.


  1. tiff :

    happy monday everyone!
    i am moving tomorrow at 9 or 10 am. i don’t have much stuff, but i do have a couple items that one person just can’t move on her own. anyone around tomorrow who wants to get sweaty will get rewarded with karmic stash, beer, and sweaty hugs from me. =) as well as a favor owed. to you. anytime.
    give me a call if you wanna help a buddy out!

  2. tiff :

    oops and by “tomorrow” i mean monday

  3. Tiff if I did not have to work all day I would totally help. Sorry, girl.
    Justin – You look badass!!!!

  4. beck :

    Lady verve athletes! Colorado’s first women’s only mountain bike race is this weekend June 12th…WWW. grab your bike and a friend and head over to lakewood for some two wheeled fun. All abilities. I’m gonna go ride the loop this week…let me know if u want to join!

  5. Lisa :

    RAFTING!! Just in case you were at all worried about all the press the high rivers have been getting….we ARE going rafting this Sunday. The river has the ability to make significant changes within hours bases on weather. It was very hot this past wkd, causing alot of late season snow to melt into the rivers. If for some unlikely reason we cannot raft the “Numbers” on Sunday, we will raft another section of the river at the same price, for the same amt of time and the same amt of fun!!

  6. Lisa :

    For instance; the Arkansas river is “shut down” for commerical rafting at around 2200 CFS. Last year, we did the same trip we are planning this year at about 2100 CFS. It was big, fun, water. We are running this trip with a professional group of top river guides out of Vail, CO. Check them out… AND, we had a raft flip last year…we are all safe. If you are concerned, I understand. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t go. But, if you want to come call Lakota at 970-845-7238 by FRIDAY. WE ARE GOING RAFTING.

  7. Lisa :

    Questions? Post them or call Lakota. This trip will be awesome. Hope you can come. We’ll arrange a car pool from the Verve later this week. We will likely leave Denver around 6:30am. Enough from me…..

  8. Justin :

    Thanks Amy!

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