Monday 100614

Back squat 5, 3, 1+ reps @ 75%, 85%, 95%
(Print worksheet out with your #'s)

Followed by 15 rounds for time of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

There will be a 12 minute cut-off for this workout, at which point your rounds completed will be your score.

Post time / rounds to comments.

Rafting was a BLAST.  We had so many people they ran out of equipment and Mark had to make do

Good Stress/Bad Stress, Eustress/Distress

To quote Mel Siff "training may… be described as the process whereby the body is systematically exposed to a given set of stressors to enable it to efficiently manage future exposure to those stressors." These stressors hopefully produce the products of eustress, excellent personal performance, growth, and repair.  In a sense, eustress causes the body to adapt and provides us with a sense of fulfillment and positive feelings

When your training takes a turn for the worse, you are experiencing distress.  Whether your this negative stress causes injury, sickness, unhappiness, or negative performance in the gym, it can be combated with several methods.  The obvious methods are: get plenty of rest, get outside in the sun, eat well, and exercise. 

Our training specifically addresses causes of distress and attempts to avoid them.  We ask you to follow our 3-on 1-off, 2-on 1-off cycle in order to get enough rest to allow positive adaptation to our stimulus (CrossFit).  We also ask that you eat lean meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar, keeping intake to levels that support exercise, but not excess body fat.  By following the program on a consistent basis, you are also taking advantage of macro cycling, where we attempt to constantly achieve higher performance by cycling the difficulty to facilitate growth and recovery.

In addition, you need to sleep!  Someone much wiser than me once said "Sleep as much as your wife and your job will allow."  Yeah, sleep that much.  Also, get outside and play – enjoy the fruits of your labor by celebrating your work capacity by doing something fun like rafting, hiking, climbing or simply taking a run with the dog.  Let's induce eustress and fight distress! 


  1. Tanja :

    Thanks again Lisa for planning such a stellar rafting trip, it was a total blast! And shout out to Team Awesome (Jared, Sherry, Kiley and Taq) for gutting No. 4 and living to talk about it – you guys were the best raft-mates ever!!

  2. Tanja :

    p.s. – do you guys have any recommendations for a work-out cycle for those of us on the 3 classes/week plan? I would love to maximize the value of when I go…

  3. Rafting trip looked like a blast!
    On another note: Hey all, so we have the first 10 hen chicks (all hens hopefully!). We’ll be getting more (at some point) to account for that annoying moulting they do for several months (no eggs).
    Anyway, if you’re interested in buying fresh eggs when they start laying, please start saving your (clean) egg cartons. We’ll have to see how much they lay vs. demand. Stay tuned!

  4. Slaughter :

    At 3/week I would go 2 on, 2 off, 1 on, 2 off, or something of that nature. Also try mixing it up a bit and depending on scheduling go 2 on, 1 off 1 on 3 off, and fill those three days with some outdoor running/biking/hiking whatever 🙂

  5. Lisa :

    Bada@$ Rafting Action PHOTOS: Go to for action photos of our trip yesterday! Lakota guides had a professional photographer on the shore taking your photo while you were on the river. You can use a little magnifying glass to look at peoples faces in the photos…priceless!!

  6. Matt :

    Tanja, ideally you would still follow the recommended cycle with the additions of home workouts and other activities. But if the gym was it, i’d recommend M,Tu,F or M,F,Sa. Get after it!

  7. Tanja :

    Ha! Thanks Matt and Slaughter – that’s useful for sure! I’ve definitely been filling off days with hiking/biking, etc, but the suggested schedules help too.

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