Monday 100823

Week 13: Deadlift 5, 5, 5 reps @ 65%, 75%, 85%
Please be sure to use the spreadsheet.

"Death By Thrusters"

With a continuously running clock, complete one 115#/75# thruster the first minute, two thrusters the second minute, three thrusters the third minute… continuing as long as you are able to.

Use as many sets as needed to complete the work.

Post minutes completed to comments.

The Verve gang gettin' pumped for the Warrior Dash. 

First things first, this is the last cycle of the 5/3/1 program before we re-test 1 rep maxes. The loads are going to be very close to your previous 1RM, so expect the reps to come with some difficulty.  Enjoy the hard work, because we're going to see it pay off next month.  I'll announce the CrossFit Total one week before it is to be completed so that everyone can plan accordingly.

After the Warrior Dash… still pumped.

Musings From the Life and Times of a Warrior – By The Godinez's

This weekend was the inaugural running of the Warrior Dash in Colorado.  The Warrior Dash is an adventure race that combines a variety of obstacles with a 5k run.  Obstacles are from everyday encounters, if that includes living in a hilly and muddy front yard with crazy neighbors.  The promoters stated that this was a “grueling physical test.”  For many CrossFitters, I think the most grueling part of this weekend was dealing with the alcohol and cheat meal aftermath.  

The Warrior Dash reminds us of why we do Crossfit: General Physical Preparedness.  Being that it was the first time the event was here in our area, no one really knew the specifics to expect, but that didn’t stop our Verve athletes from hitting that mountain with full force!  The obstacles tested all the 10 general physical skills:  Cardio-Respiratory Endurance with a run up the side of Copper Mountain.  Agility to high knee through tires.  Balance to walk across several 2”x6” planks.   Speed to get through the mudfilled tunnel uphill.   Strength to pull your bodyweight up a rope wall, and Coordination to get your body down without falling.  Flexibility to maneuver over 4’ half walls.  Accuracy to jump over pits of fire without getting burned.  Power to get through a 30’ pool of mud.  And Stamina to get through the 3 mile plus course.  Some even used their swimming skills in the mud vat when they decided to do the backstroke.  

After testing our General Physical Preparedness, we were able to visit with friends and family from other CrossFit boxes.  The Verve crew had a strong showing throughout the weekend and visited with friends from Front Range, Agoge, 5280, Evolve and many other boxes.  Ververs rumored to participate:  Alan, Anna, Tiff, Dawn, Sarah Lev, Catherine, Jake, Slaughter, Steve, Jeff, Monique, Heather, Gerson, Emmalee, Stef, Joylyn, Mas….with many others cheering and slinging mud in the nicest possible way.  To see so many fellow athletes outside of a CrossFit competition was great!  There was a sense of community within the Warrior Dash community.  There was talk that over 40% of the competitors were CrossFitters.  An awesome number considering that there was an estimated 11,000 competitors for the weekend.  

What do we want to use our fitness to conquer next???  


  1. Matt :

    Really jealous… The Dash looked like a blast. Next year, I’m in with you guys. Thanks for reppin’ the Verve

  2. Mas :

    And Jack-jack killed it too. My bad 🙁

  3. Cheresa Canning :

    I know, this looked super fantastic! I will schedule a babysitter now so I can participate next year!!

  4. Mike McKenna :

    This really has nothing to do with fitness but lets do a Rockies game before the season is over. I was thinking on Sat Sept 11th. It vs Arz at 6:00. Prob shoot for tics around $20. If anyone is interested let me know and I will pick up the tics.

  5. Blake :

    Metro Dash Denver, September 25th. I think Emmalee is putting together a Verve team. Its put on by the SEALs and is basically an extended WOD.

  6. Jack :

    Blake! I was just going to post about the Metro Dash. I know that Andy and I are in! Lets get a group going! Should be awesome!!!

  7. CC :

    I’m in too – sign-up under the Verve team, should be a blast – Cherie

  8. Monique :

    I like the rumor, but I was actually just part of the cheering squad with cocktails. 🙂
    Congrats to everyone that did it. The day was so much fun.

  9. Slaughter :

    I thought this was well written, and insightful. It’s a difficult thing to tell a non-crossfitter how it prepares you for just about anything (except alcohol consumption :-D). Perhaps the hardest to convince have been the older generation in my family, who have a preconception that getting older and loosing physical ability is just something to accept.
    There was no second guessing whether we were capable of completing the warrior dash, hungover and all. No training, very little warm up, and no icing my body recovering for days. This is how it should be. Sure the hill was hard (not half as bad as most girl WODS), but 15 seconds after finishing the race the only thing that hurt was my eyelids trying to blink with dried mud on them. I love it.
    Grats to all CF athletes and all completing the event.

  10. Potts :

    Dash rocked! Wish I could’ve spent more time with Verve peeps. Can never get enough!

  11. beck :

    I want in on the metro dash!

  12. gerson :

    word, i missed out on the Co-open this year… i want in on the metro dash!!!! G

  13. Slaughter :

    Forgot this from yesterday – major props to Cheresa, that pic is awesome.

  14. Sarah L :

    Serious AWESOME time this weekend…I wish everyone from Verve could have been there!! Totally in for metro dash and the rockies game!

  15. Holly :

    VERVE Peeps! I miss you guys! I have 3 more weeks left of the academy before I can come back and join you all. 🙂 The warrior dash looked like a blast. Count me in next year! Alan and Anna…are you guys still in Conifer??

  16. Alan :

    It was a great day, and a fun time! Can’t wait until next year! Verve REALLY represented at the Dash!!! Way To Go!!!!
    Holly…We are…we’re in Evergreen.

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