Monday 100830

Week 14: Deadlift 3, 3, 3+ reps @ 70%, 80%, 90%
Please be sure to use the spreadsheet.

Five rounds for time:
21 Thrusters, 65#/45#
21 Double unders

Post time to comments.

Rock star pose – Mr. Mike McKenna

Posterior Chain Development

Once a week, we specifically focus on the development of the posterior chain by completing three sets of low reps at a relatively high percentage of your 1 rep max.  We do this because your posterior chain of muscles can unlock a ton of athleticism.  By strengthening your posterior chain, we expect you to be able to squat and deadlift heavier loads, sprint faster, jump higher and further, and stay injury free.

This last point can't be understated.  Many times you hear someone with a back injury state that they cannot complete a movement required by life because they don't wish to re-injure their back.  This weak point demonstrates precisely why we develop the posterior chain – because life demands us to perform these movements.  Imagine trying to get through a day without completing some sort of deadlift or squat.  Shit… good luck even getting out of bed!

But this can be dangerous when the movements we practice are not completed with sound mechanics and technique.  For example, loosing your midline in a deadlift or squat creates a moment where you're susceptable to injury.  Also, allowing your knees to track inside your feet puts unecessary rotational toque on the knee joint, which can lead to injury.  Of course, ineffective spotting techniques can also allow an injury to occur.

So although we want you to become a better athlete by developing the posterior chain, we also want you to use your head and employ consistently good mechanics when strength training.  As we finish the last cycle of the 5/3/1 before re-testing our 1RM's, use your head and your ears in the gym.  Listen to your coach and enjoy being a capable athlete.


  1. Blake :

    Thanks for everyone that came out this weekend to cheer, support or compete. I had a blast and learned a great deal about myself and the quality of Verve. Regarding today’s post: I am going to need someone to swing by my house with a foam roller and a pulley system to get me out of bed!

  2. Michael Kevin McKenna! You ARE a rock star!
    BUHLAAAAAAAAAKKKEEE!!!!! UM. We need to be Facebook friends already.
    The men gave everything at FRCF this weekend. Freakin’ awesome! I enjoyed witnessing you boys tear that shiznit up and give it 100% heart. It was a truly taxing weekend.

  3. CC :

    Perfect placement of the Verve tattoo.
    Super happy and proud to be a part of this crew, well done folks!

  4. derek :

    Thank you Cleveland Goodnight!!

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