Monday 101004


Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Post time to comments.


Anna Anderson, deemed the athlete most likely to be a country singer finished 6th place in the 69kg.

What a weekend. The USAW/CrossFit inaugural event started on Friday and went on clear into Sunday afternoon.  The event was streamed live on the intranet for FREE, with 200 athletes from all over the states.  For the first time ever CrossFit held a competition that included weight classes.  There were 7 women's weight classes and 8 weight classes for men.  Verve had 6 athletes competing spread out between 5 different classes.  Here are the results.

Men's 69 KG
Chris Zienkievicz 8th place; 70kg(154#) Snatch, 90kg(198#) Clean & Jerk and 5 Rounds even on the triplet

Women's 63KG
Emmalee Moore 3rd place; 49kg(108#) Snatch, 67kg(147.7#) Clean & Jerk and 6 Rounds+1clean on the triplet.
Cherie Chan 8th place; 53kg(116#) Snatch, 68kg(150#) Clean & Jerk and 5 Rounds+3cleans on the triplet. 

Women's 69KG
Anna Anderson 6th place; 58kg(128#) Snatch, 70kg(154#) Clean & Jerk and 5 Rounds+1clean on the triplet. 

Men's 94KG
Matt Chan 1st place; 113kg(249#) Snatch, 144kg(317#) Clean & Jerk and 7 Rounds+6pull-ups on the triplet.

Men's 105KG
Mas Godinez 11th place; 78kg(172#) Snatch, 113kg(249#) Clean & Jerk and 5 Rounds+4cleans on the triplet.

Congratulations to all the Verve athletes, it was amazing to witness, coach and compete. We learned a lot, had many personal records, bought a new pull-up structure, and got the itch to do it again.  Thank you to all the Verve athletes that came out to volunteer, take pictures, cheers and generally bring a smile all our faces and a thank you to USAWeightlifting and CrossFit!


  1. Wow! Congratulations everybody! WAY TO KICK ASS!!! Very proud up in here… I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  2. Heather S :

    Impressionante!!!!!!!! Way to go Verve!!

  3. Slaughter :

    Hell Yes Verve – props to Mas for PRing on basically every lift. Pictures and video to come soon 😀

  4. robyn :

    Yeah!!! Congrats all you awesome peeps, Love you all. Wish I could have been there to see it, guess that just means next time:)

  5. James :

    You guys are all awesome. Great job.

  6. beck :

    Those are some strong and agile athletes! Congrats to all!
    PS.. can’t wait for Anna’s debut as a country singer, and Matt might want some shoes that can keep up with his quick feet!

  7. Jen :

    Congratulations to all. Sorry that I missed it.
    I look forward to Anna singing the next time she coaches!!

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