Monday 101115

21 – 15 and 9 rep rounds for time of:

Turkish get-ups, 24kg/16kg


Good mornings, 95#/65#

Post time to comments.

David during the pull-up/HSPU WOD last week.

Do you know your sweat rate?  You should.  

The average person will lose 1.5 quarts of water in an hour while exercising.  Studies have shown that a loss of as little as 2% body mass will result in dehydration and therefore effect your performance.  We lose fluids in our body by working hard and sweating, increased respirations, and through urination.  So now you need to know you sweat rate to keep your body performing at an optimal level.  Lets do the math.  Make sure that you are well hydrated before you do this test.

  • Weigh yourself without any clothes on and before you workout.  This will be your “pre-WOD” weight
  • Perform a WOD at a high intensity 
  • Keep track of water consumed during the WOD if any
  • After the WOD, strip down and wipe off any sweat and weigh yourself again.  This will by your “post-WOD” weight
  • Subtract the post-WOD weight from the pre-WOD weight
  • Multiply the sum by 16 
  • If you drank any water during the WOD, add those ounces

Here is an example: 

Pre-WOD: 170lbs
Post-WOD: 167lbs
Lbs. lost: 3lbs
Water consumed: 8oz
(170-167)x16= 48
48+8oz= 56

Total fluids lost during a WOD would be 56oz.  

So now you are equipped with another tool to keep your performance up.  Temperature will greatly affect your sweat rate, so be sure to calculate your rate periodically during season changes.  

A sign of interesting things to come to CrossFit Verve? Programming With Matt: Implementing Westside Barbell Into CrossFit.


  1. Fonger :

    effing pumped about the barbell work. Nice work The Matt Chan!

  2. Stacey E :

    Strong work David!!

  3. James :

    Yeah, but what’s your Fran time?

  4. CrossFit kicks NHL spambot ass.

  5. Slaughter :

    they’d definitely win in the spam websites for time WOD: although completely unfunctional, does not transfer over to real world skills, and will not improve overall work capacity. Douchebagness will increase with repetitive efforts, and self confidence will fade along with diminishing callouses on hands.
    On another note:
    I am totally stoked for the turkey challenge this weekend, I hope many will come to cheer.
    And as a follow up to Matt’s callout – Let’s do this

  6. beck :

    Already cheering for the turkey challengers!
    Also….. proper hydration = no more painful cramping!

  7. Slaughter :

    I think this future programming will fare well with the Crossfit methodology. It is slightly reminiscent of Crossfit Strength Bias written by Jeff Martin, using more of the conjugate method with WODs vs, the 5×3 and 3×5 alternations that are talked about in Jeff’s CFSB program. I was a big fan of that program but found it to be too long sustained of near-maximal efforts.
    Ain’t nothin to it but to do it.

  8. McKenna :

    can slaughter have his own blog on this site?

  9. Greg B. :

    Slaughter needs to use smaller words and simpler concepts I am so confused it hurts. I think I fried my last 3 brain cells reading his posts….

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