Monday 101220

Front Squat Medley

For max reps;
Front Squat 185# (135#)
Front Squat 135# (95#)
Front Squat 95# (65#) 

Rest as needed for full recovery between rounds, three to five minutes.

Post reps to comments.

Functional fitness at its finest, FYI Chris got full ROM on the Courtney overhead squat.

Denver tid-bit that will make your holiday rush all around more agreeable!

I don't know about you, but I struggle to keep my life clean and organized over the holidays.  Boxes, bags, mud and the constant rushing around, don't help my plight. Then I found a cool spot that really did take a little of the load off.

Maybe you've heard of it and I'm behind the times, it's called WaterWorks, located at Broadway and 3rd avenue. A dear friend recommended it to me, they are a full service car and detailing station.  I'm notorious for a messing car and it really bothers me, so I went to check it out and see if they could help a helplessly messy girl.

It was amazing, $22 for a full car wash AND detailing.  I waited 30 minutes while at least 12 merry minjas washed and detailed my car.  Now, I'm sure it was some sort of deal (they quoted me $80 over the phone so I was shocked at the $22), but even for a few bucks more (They have an a la cart menu of services starting at $5.99) it was amazing.  I drove away feeling less stress, more relaxed and ready to ride my holiday company around in clean style.  Is all that possible from a car wash?  I think so, it's all about the little things.

What magical secret places do you know about Denver that make your life just a little bit easier? 


  1. McKenna :

    Did Water Works sponsor Matt this week?

  2. Matt :

    Oh dear God…. Not cool.

  3. Cherie :

    If you mean in the fact that they made his wife happy by cleaning her car, Yes!

  4. Cherie :

    PS – Matt I’m assuming your referring to the WOD. But it looks so innocent and I’ve been dying to do it!

  5. Joylyn :

    Not totally sure what’s going on in the comments…..but I find it hi-larious nonetheless.
    Glad you liked the car shop Cherie, it always makes me feel like I’m driving a brand new rig, er’ car. Of course, any local Starbucks in Denver makes my life easier every day…and breakfast spots that serve crispy bacon….yum!
    ps. I’m really excited about this WOD, could get LOCO.

  6. Matt :

    Lovely wife, I was commenting on the Wod. I am very happy you found an economical car detail though 🙂
    I’m going to bite the bullet and do this one at the station tomorrow. Skiing could be rough this week.

  7. Dustin :

    Not to mention the free Starbucks coffee! That place is dope!!

  8. d :

    I like my cleaning lady. She cleans my house and sometimes folds the end of the toilet paper roll like they do in hotels.
    Also on the helpful list is PetScoop, who picks up all the dog sh*t in your yard. All good.

  9. Creatine supplements were promoted on another CF gym’s website. I was under the impression that taking Creatine was bad but perhaps I am wrong……do any of the coaches have opinions on this subject?

  10. CueBall :

    Amy, creatine helps put water in between the muscle tissue as it rebuilds them. Which will increase mass slightly and help aid in recovery. Although if you do not drink lots of water to assist with that, then it can be harmful.
    The last I heard was that in high doses it is no bueno. Not 100% sure but I think there is even a small dose in AfterShock.

  11. Erin :

    The “place” that makes my life easier isn’t actually a place, it’s our dog food delivery company, Aardbarks. I don’t have to worry about running out of dog food and getting to the pet store on time- they track how often I usually need food and adjust my delivery dates. It just magically appears on my doorstep every couple of weeks along with free treats!
    They know everything you’d ever want to know about dog food, are the nicest couple you could hope to meet, they guarantee the food is fresh, it goes go on and on.
    You can find Jim and Dina at
    If you tell them Erin and Noah sent you, you get $10 off your first order.

  12. Sorry to go heavy! Here’s light:
    Fruit Leather. Because eating fruit is such a pain otherwise. Why don’t they have veggie leather? Ew.

  13. Blake :

    Loved the squats today. Big props to the 6am class, way to set the bar high!

  14. d :

    That’s a good one. I use for dog food delivery to the front porch.
    and for diapers. which we hopefully wont need much longer.

  15. McKenna :

    Can we have a serious discussion on Creatine? I want to start but am very skeptical and worried about my liver. Especially considering what I usually put my liver through every weekend.

  16. Matt :

    Creatine Ethyl Ester – 3 grams pre/post-WOD.  Creatine is shown to increase muscular endurance, increase muscle mass and strength, and improve recovery time.  A benefit of CEE over creatine monohydrate is that it is more absorbable to the cell.  This eliminates the dreaded “creatine bloating”.  Taking Creatine Ethyl Ester is a no-brainer.  The benefits will assist you on your path to elite fitness (or even moderate fitness).
    It will have an effect on your liver, but so will taking ibuprofen. I would recommend cycling it 3on/1off (months). Try and find them in pill form, so that you know what you’re getting, unlike the “proprietary blend” found in aftershock and cell mass.

  17. McKenna :

    Lots of us are taking numerous supplements, maybe we could have a supplement workshop…like our nutrition workshop.

  18. Sarah Lev :

    Today was an AWESOME workout!! 101 as a total number, and watching Joylyn kill it was AMAzeballs 🙂

  19. Matt :

    54,32,18 on the medley. I did it backwards on accident.
    I agree about the supplement workshop. It’ll be an additional topic for the next nutrition seminar, which we’re planning for the first week of January.

  20. Jer :

    20, 24 and 30 at 155#, 115# and 75#. Looking forward to doing this one again & improving weight/reps.

  21. Ali Nichols :

    14, 32, and 74 @ 105#, 75#, 45#. My legs are going to be screaming at me tomorrow! Love it:)

  22. Amanda K. :

    Brutal WOD. Barely could press my clutch in after. Phew!

  23. Joylyn :

    Today’s medley: 19 @ 135#, 31 @ 95#, 65 @ 65# = 115 total reps. Really liked it, definitely had to have a number in your head, need to ignore the pain a little more though.
    It was an honor to coach the evening classes today. I’m so proud of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, you came in ready to DO WORK, and didn’t leave until you got it done!
    Absolutely incredible job today to everyone, I love to see you all getting so strong physically and mentally.
    ps. Cherie’s superhuman prowess was on mad display this evening….although it will be interesting to see her tomorrow….

  24. Cherie :

    22 (135#) 45 (95#) 101 (65#) total 168
    I’m scared

  25. Mas :

    Oh dang Cherie!!! Way to kill it.
    22-31-52 Rx’d. Surprised that my arms and shoulders gave out first

  26. Cess :

    WOW Cherie!!! and I thought getting to 42 the last round was hard. Nice work!! 21 (93#) 35 (73#) 42 (53#) = 98

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