Monday 110117


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats



Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 Handstand push-ups
10 One-legged squats
15 Pull-ups

This is your "Best Shape of My Life Challenge" benchmark. If you've completed Cindy as Rx'd with a score of 20+ rounds, try Mary on for size.

Post your choice of girls and rounds to comments.


Joy Joy deadlifting fast and light at HD&CC.

Madras Chicken and Veggie Pan Roast

We put together a flavorful recipe of Indian flavor with some tasty veggies.  We used measurements from  to help Zone the portions.  This will be a quick one pan meal that can be made at the beginning of the week.    


2tsp of olive oil 6F
13oz of chopped sweet potatoes 7C
9oz of halved brussel sprouts 2C
9oz of red onion 3C
12oz of diced chicken 12P
2tsp of Paprika
1tsp Mrs. Dash seasoning
1tsp hot madras curry powder
.5oz of pine nuts  6F 

Chicken pan roast


Pre-heat the oven at 350 degrees F.  Prep all of the ingredients and place them in a large mixing bowl.  Place the contents from the bowl to a cookie sheet pan and spread evenly. Cook for 30 minutes and stir the mix occasionally.  This makes 6 cups split into four meals at 1.5 cups each to make 3P, 3C, 3F. 


  1. Cueball :

    Did you really have to chain down Joylyn’s bar? She is just trying to workout, not steal anything, geez….

  2. Annie :

    I had a falling dream last night just as I fell asleep. I was box jumping and missed it. I woke up clenching my bed, get out of my dreams crossfit!

  3. Ali Nichols :

    Joylyn…You are awesome!!!
    Question: Let’s say I want to cook my veggies in a little EVOO on the grill…Do I count the EVOO I cooked my veggies in as part of my fat blocks? Or should I still have additional fat?

  4. Matt :

    What’s EVOO?

  5. Courtney :

    Extra virgin olive oil. Had the same problem, had to do some investigating, glad to know I wasn’t the only one. 🙂 Matt, can we do this benchmark WOD another day for anyone who couldn’t make it today?

  6. tiff :

    Same question….I am stuck in I70 traffic and can’t get in again till wed. Dum dum dum……(read in suspenseful tone)

  7. Ali Nichols :

    Sorry…Courtney’s investigating skills are correct – “extra virgin olive oil.”

  8. Cherie :

    I can’t wait to try this recipe – thanks Godinez’s… Looks super yummy.
    Challenge is going good. LOVE – forcing myself to sleep and drink water, so energizing.
    How’s everyone doing?

  9. Ross :

    I am having a challenging time eating three to four blocks of veggies… The protein and fat are not a problem, but sitting down and eating two to three cups of veggies has been a chore. Any suggestions/recos/insight? Thx in advance

  10. Courtney :

    I’m with Ross, I feel great, no problems with hunger or fatigue but I’m pretty sure in 9 weeks I might turn into a vegetable. 🙂

  11. donna :

    Vegetable idea. 4 cups of cooked cauliflower is a lot, but you can make 2 blocks (8 cups) seem a lot smaller. Steam 8 cups cauliflower, when cooked put in food processor with salt, pepper, Tony’s (spice) or whatever spice, and make cauliflower mashed potatoes. Add a little water or vegetable stock if needed.

  12. Dan W :

    1. Spaghetti squash (2cups/block), Marinara sauce (~1/2 cup/block, check label) add some low fat meatballs & 3 Olives/block.
    2. Paleo salsa over eggs helps me get a couple blocks for breakfast.
    3. Soups made by: sauteing any veg combo, then simmer w/low sodium chicken broth until tender, then… blenderisize (or blitz as the brits say)

  13. Matt :

    Make up anytime this week.
    11+13 on “Mary” w/ strict HSPU’s

  14. Cherie :

    18+6 on Cindy – CC

  15. David S :

    18 on Cindy

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