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Hang power clean

3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

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Guac Deviled Eggs
Kiley's killer guacamole deviled eggs!

So people–the "Best Shape of Your Life" CrossFit Verve Nutrition Challenge is 3 weeks in now, more than a third of the way to the finish line.  How are you feeling? Better/worse/hungry/full?  Have you noticed any changes in your performance, or your body composition, or maybe your energy levels?  Have you been super strict, or maybe fallen off the wagon a day or two?  Don't get down over little pitfalls, just remember each time you have a meal, you have the opportunity to give your body the right fuel for both wellness and performance, there's a victory to be had everyday!  

Kiley was kind enough to send us a quick and easy recipe that she's found to help make this paleo/zone a little easier in a hurry.  

Guacamole Deviled Eggs — 1 egg = 1P, 1F

  • Boil eggs, cool, cut in half length wise, take out yoke and place in bowl.
  • add 1 TBLS of avocado and mix, place back into egg halfs.   Add any spices you choose, and a little bit of salsa makes a tasty way to eat your eggs.

Another helpful idea is during your prep day, roasting a bunch of veggies to keep on hand for a meal in a hurry.  You can throw them in your eggs with breakfast, on a salad at lunch, or with some protein and fats for a healthy dinner.  

Kiley roasted veggies 

A roasting pan is wonderful at cooking LOTS of veggies at once. Here, Kiley has 4 zucchini, one bag of broccoli and 36 asparagus. To cook — spice and place in over at 375 and cook until desired tenderness, I throw mine under the broiler for the last few minutes so that the veggies are kinda crispy.

So there is one way an athlete is getting it done–how about you? Please send us your helpful tips or recipes to share with all of our athletes.  Special spices?  Great deals at the supermarket?  Good substitutions to fulfill cravings?  Super top secret paleo & delicious new concoctions to fill that tummy?  What have you been doing to keep on track?     


  1. Beck :

    for me, week 1 felt awesome, normal energy levels and appetite. weeks 2 and 3 feeling like I have just enough energy to get through day, but no more… compared to before challenge when i felt like i had “extra” energy. generally digesting food better and clothes a little loose. so -some things are better, some things worse for me. I will be curious to see how the benchmark workout goes at end of the challenge. 6 wks to go!

  2. Slaughter :

    I’ve found that I don’t generally have enough time to do several big cooking sessions on a Sunday, but I spread them out throughout the week, generally Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Getting more veggies in is getting better. Overall I feel very similar to as I did before. I feel the calorie intake is very similar, just slightly different macros. I think i’ve actually gotten bigger which sucks because I hate buying new clothes LOL.

  3. Nat :

    failed @ 245

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