Monday 110404


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 Push press, 115#/75#
10 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood/1 pood
10 Box jumps, 24"/20"

Post rounds and additional reps to comments. 

Robyn rockin' push-ups at MBS this weekend.

It’s not the ingredients in the peanut butter we don’t like, it’s the peanuts themselves.When peanuts grow, they can harbor carcinogenic mold called an “aflatoxin“. This goes for conventional and organic peanuts. They longer they sit (during shipping, for example), especially in warm temperatures and high humidity, the more mold grows. And as it’s nearly impossible to buy peanuts “local”, as they are only grown in a few Southern locations, more likely than not that even your organic peanuts are suspect.

The far bigger concern, however,is that peanuts contain lectins which are believed to have inflammatory and atherogenic potential.  Most plants contain lectins, some of which are toxic, inflammatory, or both. Many of these lectins are resistant to cooking and to digestive enzymes, and some have been scientifically shown to have significant GI toxicity in humans. Lectins from grains (especially wheat) and legumes (including peanuts and soybeans) are most commonly associated with aggravation of inflammatory and digestive diseases in the body. (As an aside, dairy from cows fed grain-based diets can also contain these grain-derived lectins.)

Recent research by Dr. Cordain has suggested that these lectins may effectively serve as a “Trojan horse” allowing foreign proteins to invade our natural gut defenses.Cordain reports, “An experiment conducted by Dr. Wang and colleagues and published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet revealed that PNA got into the bloodstream intact in as little 1-4 hours after subjects ate a handful of roasted, salted peanuts.” (Unfortunately, the abstract of this study is not available without a subscription.) The lectins can cause damage well beyond the gut – commonly in joints, brain, and skin of affected individuals. Continued exposure of the gut by these toxins leads to a persistent stimulation of the body’s defense mechanism in a dysfunctional manner, i.e. autoimmune disease. (Allergies fall into that category as well.)

Excerpt from: "The Peanut Manifesto" –



  1. matt :

    HD&CC’s is scheduled. Enjoy!

  2. Dan Watson :

    Robyn = BAD ASS.
    Can’t wait to conquer Jack! I will surely channel some of the all-out effort displayed this weekend at MBS!!!

  3. bill :

    Im still putting peanut butter in my oatmeal tomorrow morning

  4. matt :

    PB and oatmeal? We’ve got work to do 🙂

  5. Rich :

    Scheduled my first HD&CC class this week – stoked! Boooo on Peanuts!

  6. bill :

    Arnold ate oatmeal and pb…just sayin

  7. I’m so glad that nobody got to this before me:
    When Robyn does push-ups, she doesn’t push her body up, she pushes the Earth down.

  8. David S :

    8 + 19 RX

  9. Erin :

    Ha ha, it’s so true about Robyn! She almost poked my eye out flexing her triceps tonight too.

  10. Rich :

    8 + 16 Rx’d

  11. matt :


  12. Cess :

    10+7 Rx’d (9 short of last time – bummer). I love this photo Robyn!!

  13. Joylyn :

    9+21 rx’d. no broken sets, but those push presses started to wear me down.

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