Monday 110620

Three rounds for time of:

30 Hang squat cleans, 95#/65#
30 Push-ups
Run 800m 

Post time to comments.

Ryan, CrossFit Athlete, during Fight Gone Bad.

What is a CrossFit Athlete?

We all watched or played sports growing up.  We were inspired by athletes that seemed larger than life.  They seemed to defy gravity, have no pain, and perform without practice. Now that we're older and wiser, we know that to be a world class athlete takes more than top notch performance on game day.

An athlete is a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength.  By definition, CrossFitters are all athletes, which is what makes our program so damn rewarding.  Now that we have grown up and understand what it takes to be a world class athlete, we can find satisfaction by getting a taste of their world through training like them.  By competing against ourselves and our peers on a daily basis and exposing ourselves to a myriad of exercises, we become athletes.  

But what sport do we play?  What exactly are we training for?  We are preparing ourselves to be ready for anything.  If a friend asks you to go climbing, you're ready.  If you need to help out a stranger in an emergency situation, you're ready.  If you need to carry your kid, a 50# bag of dog food, and close the car door, you're ready.  You're an athlete and your arena is life.  Be your best… because every day is game day!


  1. Dan Y. :

    Classic video of Zac Pine is on the main site, check it out!!!!

  2. Keith :

    Dan, can’t find it. A little direction please.

  3. Sara V :

    Go to and if you scroll down just a tiny bit below the pics to the bottom of todays post, you see
    From the Vault: Zac Pine 7:23 on today’s WOD – video

  4. Keith :
  5. Dan Y. :

    And if you ever do that workout, you’ll know that Zac’s time is sick. worst workout ever… well maybe second or third worst ever.

  6. Dan Watson :

    Those 2-fer WB’s looked liked they were on FFwd! Holy Crap!

  7. Cherie :

    So ready to come home and hang at the gym for a while – CC

  8. bill :

    bad news, i might not be able to get this sat off for the mudder because things happened faster at work than i expected and im an idiot (just the top two reasons) so ill give somebody some non photo id and what not and they can use my registration, its all paid for and i think it was non refundable. Not wanting any money from anyone, just want somebody to use it so its not a total waste. Ill know for sure by thur if i can go or not.

  9. Zink :

    Zink @ Work 23:32 Rx

  10. Jeff K :

    Great video Zac. You make it look so easy.

  11. Kiel :

    Kiel @ firehouse: faaarrr too long RX. Interrupted 3 times. I’d probably be in on that Tough Mudder spot if no other takers. Let me know the details.

  12. James (O.G.) :

    If you need to do 90 hang squat cleans for time, you’re ready…. But it’s still going to hurt like a motherf*cker.

  13. Matt :

    5:22, 6:03, 7:04. Last one was a gut check

  14. Luke :

    6:49, 6:53, 7:21. As rx’d. I liked the intervals.

  15. David S :

    7:25, 8:08, 8:14 RX 23:47

  16. bill :

    Yea kiel, give me your email and well work it out. I don’t know what kind (if any) id they make you show but ill do whatever I can to make it happen, ill be pissed if I totally wasted that money

  17. Kiel :

    Schweet. Its Ill also be at the 530 today (tuesday) if thats easier. Thanks!

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