Monday 110627

For total load:

Front squat 1 – 10 – 1 - 20 – 1 – 30 reps 

Compare to May 14th, 2010
Post total load (all six) to comments.Tough mudder
Team Verve showing their grrr face! Leah, Jorge, Amanda, Em, Greg, Jeff, Rich, and Mas.  Honorary Ververs: Jen and Cody Gauer, Nate, and Peter.  

This weekend, Verve athletes demonstrated again how awesome the CrossFit community is.  Several Verve athletes and honorary Verve athletes came together to do the Tough Mudder. It was a 10 mile race up Beaver Creek Mountain with 25 obstacles.  Some of the obstacles challenged your physical capacity, while others challenged you mentally.  It was an adventure race that emphasized camaraderie, rather than getting the fastest time. 

There were definitely examples of camaraderie shown this weekend.  To our head cheerleader Amanda R, who never stopped encouraging all of us and the people that she passed–A job well done.  To our water barrel saviors, Jeff, Rich, Nate, and Peter, who helped a women get her hair untangled from the barrel where she was only able to keep her mouth and nose above the 35 degree water.  Needless to say, she was grateful. To our honorary Verve athlete Cody, who was not only the pace setter, but helped a young lady across the water after she had been clenching to the barrel for quite some time and starting to have signs of hypothermia.  Jorge and Leah overcame the monkey bars of death together.  Em and Greg conquered a grueling uphill portion of the race even after their blue smurf stain.  And as a group, we finished the race with Verve chant before entering the live wire field of 10,000 volts.  It was awesome! 

All in all, the Verve team started together and ended together.  A big thank you to Jen and Cody Gauer who flew in from Alaska to join us.  What is up next for team Verve?  


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    That was such an amazing event and I’m mosdef going to sign up for next year! The entire event reminded me of various elements of CF. Like the Berlin Walls and doing straight bar MUs and Dr Romanov with his tips on running various degree slopes.
    For Nate and I it was more then a race but a day ran in memory of someone special to us, Angie, Nate’s mom who on the 13th lost her battle with cancer. Thanks to all who came and even supported team Verve.

  2. Rebol :

    What an awesome challenge!!! I’m lucky to know such a great group of people – way to band together and overcome frigid waters, high walls and the occasional electrocution 😉

  3. Pottsie :

    Wow! Saving lives while dominating the mountain. Well done! I would expect nothing less. Great job all!

  4. Pottsie :

    On another note…
    Religion in weight lifting:

  5. Cody G :

    Thanks for letting Jenn and I to come along with Team Verve, we had an absolute blast! We can’t wait to tackle the next challenge with you guys!

  6. Joe A., shoot me an email if you get this, re: converations saturday night in chicago.. thanks man. (

  7. Job well done to all the tough mudder ververs out there.
    I’m heading to Lake Forest, CA for business this week and CrossFit Ethos and CrossFit Next Level Performance are both near my hotel. Anyone got connections at either of those places? I figure I’ll let some Californians kick my ass for a change. Thanks.

  8. Rachel Rader :

    Hey guys and gals, so here’s the link to Joylyn & Mas’s Baby Bonanza! It’s for EVERYBODY, not just the ladies. Just click on the “change reply” to enter your own yes or no, name and contact info, as well as number attending! Please let me know if you have questions. Email:

  9. Flip :


  10. Luke :

    245, 205, 245, 160, 245F, 135

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