Monday 110710

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 


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John getting stronger everyday.

Compound Yet Irreducible

Functional movements are multi-joint, whole body movements.  Rather than isolating movements to any one or two joints, functional movements take a system of joints through a full range of motion.  These movements are found everywhere in life, which is what makes training them so crucial to independent living. For example, lie on the floor and count the number of joints you use to lift yourself to a standing position.  This is why we don't use many isolation exercises – the sum is greater than it's parts. 

If you were to teach a bird how to fly you would have to train the wings in the way they move when they fly…


  1. Jeff K :

    Adventure Race.
    This looks pretty cool.

  2. David S :

    185 x 3; failed on 190

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