Monday 110718

For time:

Row 2k meters

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Swim WOD's are so much fun!

A note on intensity and how much is too much, or to little?

There's an analogy used by CrossFit to describe the balance between form and intensity.  It involves three sharpshooters and three targets.  The first sharpshooter shoots his weapon incredibly fast, enough to wow even the best sharpshooters.  Unfortunately, his speed is his own worst enemy, as he rarely hits the target.  The second sharpshooter is remarkably accurate.  Out of 10 shots, all were bull's-eye except for one.  But, although his technique and accuracy are unbelievable, he shoots far too slow. The third shooter shoots well and at a good pace.  He hits a few bull-eye's, has the majority of the shots hit near the center of the target, but a few are off target.  He shoots quickly and accurately.

Which sharpshooter are you?  We hope that you are most similar to the third sharpshooter.  We'd like to see every athlete practice form for a given movement until that movement becomes second nature.  At that point push the intensity until form is sacrificed and stay just below this threshold.  We want you to push your intensity to a point where you are able to hold 9 out of 10 reps with solid form.  If you push to hard, range of motion and mechanics are sacrificed too often and the workout becomes less effective.  Hold back too much and your form may be perfect, but the workout lacks all intensity. 

 Find the balance between form and intensity. 


  1. Leah C. :

    Does anyone have a general practitionor they would recommend in the Denver-metro area? I’m unhappy with my guy and on the hunt for someone awesome. Bonus if they ‘get’ the paleo thing.

  2. Matt :

    I actually am seeking the same thing for Cherie and I. Super-bonus points if he/she is a CrossFitter.

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