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50 Clean and Jerks, 135# (95#)

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Two of our favorite three athletes of the weekend….The Chans, happy in love and in the midst of competition.  

The 2011 CrossFit Games weekend is finished and in the record books.  Matt competed in his fourth of the five years running (an amazing feat in itself).  He's seen it evolve from a backyard gathering into a world-class event.  This year he finishes in 10th place.  Over ten workouts all weekend, he had some highs and lows, but persevered through it all and finished strong.  His performances not only this weekend, but all year long are an inspiration to many.  You won't meet anyone more disciplined when it comes to training.  His fans are from all over the world thanks to his commitment to spread the methodology of CrossFit to everyone.  But we are lucky to have him home here at Verve.  As any athlete knows that meets him, his humble attitude and personability are unmatched.  His expectations for himself and the athletes that he trains are the highest, and we are thankful for that.  Thanks Matt for always setting the bar high, rising to the occasion, and seeing the Matt Chan in each of us.  

If you watched any of the competition this weekend, whether from near or far, you couldn't help but be inspired.  So grab that inspiration by the horns and commit to better yourself in a specific way this next year, whether it's spending extra time on mobility, training your weaknesses, or entering the next local competition that arises.  This weekend was a testament that CrossFit is for everyone, the community is broad and inclusive–so what's stopping you?  Training for next year begins……today!  So get your inspired butts in here and do work!

What challenge are you going to conquer this next year?  Post to comments.


  1. Joylyn :
  2. James (O.G.) :

    Those people are really fit.
    Great job, you two. You guys are awesome.
    The first challenge I’m going to overcome this year is apparently 50 C&Js at 135#. What, is Grace too easy now?

  3. Blake :

    Always inspired by the Chans and all Verve symbolizes. Barring deployment my Crossfit goal is regionals 2012. I have a great job that forces me to perform functional fitness daily, so I think its doable. Rocked my Verve shirt all weekend.

  4. GregB :

    Are these power clean and jerks ala Grace or squat clean n jerks ala Satans minion?

  5. bill :

    If its squat cleans this will SUCK.

  6. Dustin :

    I vote Squat Cleans! But mainly because I’m 1500 miles away!!

  7. Cruz :

    The Chans are the reason. That’s all I need to say about that. I’m honored to be part of the Verve family…

  8. Jared Y :

    Chan’s: Thank you for being friends, leaders, hero’s, and an inspiration.
    My Challenge actually starts today. Taking a week to go hike 3 of the hardest 14’ers in the books, Capital Peak and the Maroon Bells. Two ankle surgeries later and an unstoppable crossfit mentality, the plans and the inspiration have finally come together. 321, GO!

  9. Jared Y :

    @ Clean & Jerk comments, unless stated “Power” – it is indeed a full squat clean.

  10. Rich :

    I challenge myself to remember to put sunscreen on while out – yikes! Got a little red this past weekend at the Games!

  11. Anna :

    Anyone up for conquering Longs Peak? Join me for a great hike Starting early Saturday morning. Once we are done if we have energy, we will be headed to boulder creek for TUBING!!! Lemme know if yall wanna come!

  12. Joylyn :

    Today’s workout is meant to be down, dirty, and fast–power cleans allowed……some killer times so far to beat. Noon class got after it!

  13. Watson :

    This weekend was inspirational to an all new level for me. I will most certainly be compeating in the CF Open again next year & I can’t wait to see what kind of team we will be putting together for Regionals in 2012. Whether I get the honor of compeating or being someone who helps push those who will… I can’t wait to be a part of it. I hope all of you got the chance to watch the last team WOD yesterday… If not, try to find the recording and I dare you not to be pumped up.
    On another note… I want to let everyone know that we had 8 Verve athletes (& friends) complete grace on Saturday in a spectator Barbells for Boobs competition @ the games and we saw 8 PR’s… Just one more inspiring moment from the weekend.

  14. bill :

    Everyone pr’d!! That’s crazy, it was at sea level so none of them count. Glad you guys had fun, im trying to block my vacation time next year around this same time , hopefully the games will be scheduled close to the same.

  15. GregB :

    7:41 did 75 due to a call interrupting me 25 in figured just start over. That was a poor choice that iamgonna pay for later.

  16. David S :

    8:42 RX

  17. Dustin :

    Feeling inspired from all the amazing efforts put forth this past weekend I came up with a travel WOD that I am naming “Chan”
    210M Swim
    100 pushups
    100 squats
    100 burpees
    210m swim
    It was terrible and amazing all at the same time 28:52
    Thank you guys for all that you do for us on a daily basis and motivate us to be better and do better every day! See y’all in a week

  18. Jo :

    Contests Mr and Mrs Chan! Sidenote…I loved spending time with you all in CA and couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends! Thank you for the good times!

  19. Jo :

    Congrats not contests…stupid autocorrect

  20. Cool. They are really fit and healthy, at the same time inspiring and encouraging for people who are on the journey to fitness. Way to go guys!

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