Monday 110808

Four rounds for time:

5 Muscle-ups
10 Deficit deadlifts, 245#/165#
15 GHD sit-ups

Sub for GHD sit-ups is 30 feet anchored AbMat sit-ups.  The sprints descend in length from 200yds to 50yds, by 50yds each round.

Post time to comments. 

Did you miss out on the spectacle called the "CrossFit World Games"???  Well, you are about to get a chance to go through the workouts that the competitors had to endure.  This week and next we will be doing the events tested to crown the fittest man and woman on earth.  Granted there won't be any beach or ocean water, but hey we will save that for another day.  What was your favorite CrossFit Games moment or memory? Post to comments.  

Check out this video of a fellow Verve athlete getting some air time here.


  1. Mas :

    The best part was when Matt came out of the water, well ahead of the pack. Awesome!

  2. Luke :

    as rx’d, ghd’s to parallel. 14:45.

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  4. Vince :

    It was good to see Rich fly up that rope this time!

  5. vince :

    Matt is the king.. Rich also did a good job but nothing spectacular

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