Monday 110905


5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 Overhead squat, 95# (65#)

Post time to comments.

An inspirational 31 Heroes WOD event this last Saturday. 

Saturday Verve hosted the 31 Heros WOD, in support of the 30 fallen special forces and 1 special forces canine. When the doors opened we had 30 teams equalling 60 athletes who all completed the WOD and another 20+ spectators.  

The feeling in the gym was thick and emotional.  Each and every athlete was respectful, quiet and ready to honor the people who lost their lives, so that we may live ours.  We heard no complaining and no disrespecting the other athletes, the coaches or the equipment.  Each person knew why they were there and were thankful for the opportunity to be there.  I have never met a more amazing community of people, CrossFitters, and this event was no different. 

While the event at Verve raised somewhere around $2,500, we were one of hundreds of gyms that hosted the event. Fourteen Countries and forty-six States were involved, can you feel the power of this community?  Our 80 people were simply a brick in the house of what was happening worldwide.

The WOD was in one word "hard", mentally and physically.  Every minute that went by while we were in the heat of it, we kept remembering, we are alive.  When we wanted to slow down, we remembered we are alive. When we wanted to choose an easier task, we remembered, we are alive. 

Well it will not make the pain go away, this community is amazing and raised over $300,000 in one day, for the families of these fallen soldiers.  We may never truly understand the impact or what that means to these families.  

Thank you Verve, I am honored to be a part of such an amazing community which exemplifies the true spirit of the human species.

There are two classes today, 9am and 10am.  Go get your WOD on during this Labor day!


  1. Matt :

    Sorry I missed the Dirty Dozen Challenge yesterday… It won’t happen again – I’ll quit my job if I have to. Greg, you better prepare that crown for my big skull.

  2. James (O.G.) :

    I’m with you, Matt. I’m starting training this week. Prepare that fanny pack for my big ass, Greg.

  3. Jim Duwve :

    Well, I did this one backwards today. I think age is starting to affect my memory.
    5 rounds of 15 95# OHS to a d-ball(not loosing any more reps) and 400m runs.
    Started out by practicing to a 7″ ball. 3 sets of 10 @ 75#’s and 3 sets of 5 at 95#’s.

  4. Jeremy :

    I hate to use the comment section as a confessional, but I think it’s only fair: totally wimped out on the WOD weight today. Completed at 14:55 unbroken, with 75# OHSQ. I feel shame.

  5. I’m so judging you right now… you don’t even know.

  6. scott andrews :

    Thank you CF Verve for again opening your doors to complete strangers to honor an incredibly noble cause. Your coaches/athletes/facility is the standard that other places should be held to. Most of the skin from my left leg is probably still on that rope……so worth it.

  7. Erin :

    I am so thankful for Verve and all of the amazing people who came out to support this cause, as well as those who honored these heroes in other ways. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to remember with.

  8. Matt :


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