Monday 110912

15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 reps for time of:

Power clean, 135# (95#)
Bar-facing burpee

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Stair climb 2011
The red rocks memorial stair climb, 2011.

Why I Crossfit – By Courtney Shepherd

Today is 9-11-11; the 10th year anniversary of the events that took place on 9/11. About a month ago I was asked if I would like to gather people from Verve to participate in the 9/11 memorial stair climb at Red Rocks. This was something I was happy to do, because of my profession as a Firefighter and because I am a proud American. This day holds special meaning to me, as one of the West Metro Fire Fighters said this morning before the climb “because of their lives I am reminded the importance of more appreciating my own.” A truer statement could not be uttered. I thought what better way to honor their lives and the lives of the 343 firefighters that died that day then walking 110 flights of stairs in their shoes.

I chose to do this stair climb in my bunker gear with an air pack. This morning as I arrived at Verve I was greeted by four eager Ververs ready to take on the challenge and give of their time to remember. As I put my gear on I thought to myself “I’ll be able to keep up with the others, duh I crossfit." During the first few of the nine laps it would take to equal 110 stories I did keep up. Something else the West Metro Firefighter said this morning was “this is not a race, as you walk enjoy the time you have with the people you walk with”, during those first few laps I did just that. I so enjoyed hearing about the lives of my fellow CrossFitters and learning more about who they are outside of the gym.

It did not take long however for my physical abilities to fall behind what my heart and mind were able to push through. As my pace slowed so did that of the people around me. I told them “If you want to go on please do, I don’t think I can move much faster then this”. The response I got was “This pace is great for us… we’re good”. But that pace continued to dwindle down to that of a snail, my now Jell-o legs were finding it harder and harder to walk up those steps. Again I told them “please don’t let me hold you back, if you would like to move faster please do”. Again I heard “We’re doing good, we don’t want to go any faster then this”.

On the last lap I suggested we go big or go home “let’s run it!” . I also said that when I fall behind please keep going, get to the top and feel proud of today’s accomplishments, I will meet you there. So we took off on that last lap and it didn’t take long for me to fail. As I slowed so did everyone else, as I stopped so did everyone else. I heard words of encouragement “I can see the top, we are so close, keep moving”. As we got to the top a lady said to everyone cheering me on “You all are such great trainers”, the response she got was “Well actually she’s our trainer”.

A trainer is present during WODs for multiple reasons including support, encouragement, and to be that voice pushing you, over riding the voice in your head possibly telling you to quit. I would like to thank my trainers today, Jen, Bethany, Michael, Rex, and Darren. I workout so that I can climb 110 stories with an extra 40 pounds, but you are why I CrossFit.

Stair climb 2011-2


  1. Gregb :

    Cortney, thanx for the great post. This is the second post on here that has made me tear up. Thanx to everyone that supports the Verve family.

  2. James (O.G.) :

    This post is awesome, Court.

  3. Erin :

    Agreed! Your team spirit, drive and humility are just a few more reasons you are so great, Courtney.

  4. Stacey E :

    Well said by all, and I second Greg’s sentiments…inspiring is just one adjective that describes you Courtney. <3 you!

  5. I have like… a ton of trainers then.
    Heart all you people and great post!

  6. Anna :

    WOD 8:03, RX
    Felt a little like Fran today.
    Good WOD

  7. Jo :

    Great post court! You are loved by many 🙂

  8. Cruz :

    This is an excellent and truly inspirational post! Nicely done Ververs!

  9. Patrick M :

    That was a great Post and it made me very proud to know you and be a part of crossfit verve.!!

  10. Keith :

    Here’s my Verve moment.
    Today I pulled my groins (both sides) due to over-exuberant warm up. While setting up for the cleans I was hit with sudden pain and couldn’t even bend to pick up the bar.
    I felt stupid and angry as I went to the corner and tried a foam roller on my groin. I looked sadly frustrated as I tried to roll the inside of my thigh.
    I went to the wall and put my feet up trying to remember the stretch that makes you look like a frog stuck on the wall.
    I heard a voice saying my name and wondered if I’d crossed into the pother side. Nope, It was Phil who’d popped over to correct my posture and stance on the wall. I hung out there through the whole workout and felt better. After, Phil returned to show me the stretch that uses a band around butt and knees (resulting in a trussed frog stuck on the wall look) that truly helped.
    Verve athletes are special people in my book. I was down and Phil helped me up. I think that is part of what makes this place truly good – we’re all in this together regardless of innate abilities.
    Big thanks to Phil for the assist and to all for the support.

  11. Dawn :

    Awesome post Courtney!Love you and I agree with everyone…verve people are amazing!!

  12. Leslie :

    Great job you guys!! I’m on the mend as well and hoping to be back in tomorrow or thursday. See you all soon. Leslie

  13. Slaughter :

    Well said Courtney.

  14. Michael W :

    Courtney, it was inspirational walking with you and watching you and all the other firefighters making that climb in your gear. Hard to imagine that all we did was climb the equivalent of going to the top of one building in New York. I’m so glad I went, and it made me even gladder to be joining the Verve family! Thank you for your service!

  15. Jim Duwve :

    Today’s WOD 8:53
    Surprisingly enough the Burpees ate me up on this one. How Matt ever got a sub 5:00 on this blows my mind.
    Awesome job Courtney!!! and everyone else who pushed her on.

  16. Gregb :

    12:36 burpees killed me. Would gladly do the power cleans back up the ladder and not do burpees.

  17. JJ :

    Great post Courtney! Good job to all that joined the stair climb too!
    10:50 73# power cleans….first wod back in 2 weeks after was ROUGH!

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