Monday 111003

Run 5k

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Post time to comments.

Sara W. logging her "Fran" time after completing it during the Level 1.

Measurable, Observable, Repeatable… and Trackable.

CrossFit is all about improving health and performance.  We use data from workouts like “Fran” and the “CrossFit Total” in combination with health markers, such as blood pressure, body fat percentage, and resting heart rate to indicate our current level of fitness.  Our aim is a fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive in nature – affording you the ability to be capable of anything.  We aim to sustain this level of fitness for years, therefore increasing your longevity and quality of life.

But how can you accurately track your level of fitness if you do not record the data regularly?  Sure, many of you track benchmark workouts as we complete them every so often.  But what about the workout of the day that has no name?  If you record your level of energy, food intake, fish oil consumption, water consumption… shouldn’t you be able to accurately predict and note trends in your fitness?  This is why we’ve always asked you to “Post time to comments.”  Have you?  Why not?

Well, I’m guessing that many of you simply check the site once to see what the workout is going to be the next day and don’t check it again until the following day.  Others may “lurk” to watch comments throughout the day, but resist posting times because of feelings of inadequacy.  Some of you probably just don’t care what your time is unless it’s a benchmark WOD.  What’s your excuse?

You have a new option that we’ve spent months refining and we’re happy to finally reveal.  We’ve been working with Jake Theno of Theno Designs to offer our athletes a logbook that is broad, general, and inclusive.  You can track everything from your water intake to your scaling options for the WOD.  It’s small enough to fit nicely in your gym bag or in your purse.  It has nutritional information, such as a Zone block chart or a list of Paleo foods.  It also has a max effort percentage chart so that you can quickly and easily figure out your lifting numbers for the day.



  1. Love it and you are oh so right.
    Not having a plan is planning to fail, or at a minimum go no where.
    Or maybe…. we don’t have any idea if we got anywhere even with significant effort since we didn’t know where we started or even worse where we want to go.
    Thanks for the inspiration to …. “Measure, Observe, Repeat… and Track”.
    You are a great leader Matt Chan… Keep it up!!

  2. no. cherry. picking.

  3. Matt :

    Anyone interested in the “Turkey Challenge” hosted at MBS, the registration has opened. Please be sure and sign up asap:

  4. Greg :

    Pottsie you shut up your not the boss of me. Oh and I am still going despite my brain and body rebelling profusely!

  5. Tobias Coffin :

    Guys, it’s only 3.2 miles or something. That’s easy. You can sprint the whole thing 🙂

  6. Anna :

    Would anyone be interested in a team??? For the MBS turkey challenge?
    I would, I would

  7. Courtney :

    Congratulations Sara and all the other ververs to completed their level 1 this weekend!!!!

  8. Trina :

    This may be a new record for my longest continuous run. Minus all of the lights.

  9. Greg :

    Trina it is the first time I chose not to “pick” this WOD. 44:44 later and I still struggle with the idea of running as fun.

  10. Matt :

    Congrats Greg!

  11. Matt :

    Congrats Greg and Trina!

  12. Trina :

    Nice. My previous longest continuous run was one mile.

  13. Slaughter :

    Anna i already signed up for individual. But i’d be interested in team as well if there was enough interest.

  14. NateRader :

    Anna, I’d be down for being a part of a team.

  15. Jim D. :

    Well, today was supposed to be a rest day. I did really good until I went to pick up my daughter and she asked me to come back and get her in 45 minutes because she was involved in something. So I thought to myself, what can I do for 45 minutes, I haven’t run a 5k since February so why not. 23:10 later it was over.
    first 1/2 mile 3:30, First mile 7:19 First 2.5k 11:32
    last 2.5k 11:38 with the last mile 7:21 and the last 1/2 mile 3:14.

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