Monday 111017

Tabata Double-under

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.  Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals.

Post Tabata score to comments.

Greg moving so fast you can't even see him, at the masters comp at FRCF.

Great job to all the athletes this weekend.  If you didn't get to see them, they KILLED it, showing true grit and heart.  Here are the results after day 2.

Erin Fandal  WOD3: 8:55 , WOD4: 108, Overall 35-39 -10th 
Jim Duwve  WOD3: 6:06 , WOD4: 5:07, Overall 50-54 – 1st 
Chris Bell  WOD3: 7:19 , WOD4: 9:32, Overall 40-44 – 30th
Jeremy Black  WOD3: 7:06, WOD4: 8:02, Overall 35-39 – 29th
Gabe Romero  WOD3: 6:34, WOD4: 8:11, Overall 35-39 – 20th 
Greg Bernstien  WOD3: 10:51, WOD4: 9:54, Overall 35-39 – 30th 

Learning to love the double-under?  

For all but the luckiest, the double-under began as a frustrating struggle.  Unless you were on your double-dutch team in elementary school (you know who you are out there), they have been an evolving journey.  Some days they're great, some days they're a terror.  They require coordination and are a skill that requires due diligence in practice.  If you simply ignore them or cherry pick WOD's without them, they'll never just magically improve.  So use today as a great opportunity to come in an work on them.  If you've never gotten them, then maybe you'll get one today.  If you have them down perfectly, then aim for linking a new PR in a row.  Either way, go at them with the right attitude from the start and hopefully that'll reward you.  Here's some tips to remember and a Buddy Lee talk/demo to get you jazzed.

1.  Land lightly on the balls of your feet and let your heels gently kiss the ground each jump.  
2.  Jump only high enough to clear the rope each time.
3.  Keep your bodyweight balanced on the balls of your feet, your torso upright and tall, hips open.  
4.  Elbows in tight to your body, only turn the rope with your wrists.
5.  Eyes straight ahead to help maintain your balance.
6.  Relax and don't forget to breathe!


  1. lynn :

    i wanna do that!

  2. Jeremy :

    Hola, fellow Ververs… what follows are a few musings I’d observed/experienced over the course of the 2011 Masters Competition. Had I any real creativity or literary ability, these thoughts would be presented to you in a far more compelling format. However, since I possess neither of the aforementioned traits, a top-10 list will have to do:
    Top 10 things I learned at the 2011 CF Masters Competition:
    10. High-fives and encouraging words among strangers is pretty cool.
    9. Do your wall-ball shots right the first time if you don’t want Cherie to yell at you.
    8. 25 fat bar pull-ups after a 1000 M row/75 20# WBS/500 M row define, “suck.”
    7. Alternately, post-competition beers are unreal.
    6. Don’t hang out with Greg Bernstein just prior to your heat while you’re trying to focus; he’s hilarious and will make you pee yourself. Pretty embarrassing.
    5. I look ridiculous in knee socks.
    4. Always sneak a coach in under the rope; they can carry a camera & assume the guise of “photographer.” Thanks for all your help, Slaughter!
    3. Competition is a reward in and of itself; your strengths are legitimized and your weaknesses are exposed for all to see. What greater motivation to improve and persevere do you need?
    2. You’re always better than you think you are… just try to remember that ½ way through a death-march of a WOD.
    1. I want to be Jim Duwve when I grow up.

  3. Chris Bell :


  4. Jeremy :

    BTW, the Buddy Lee vid was sick.

  5. It was great to watch you guys this weekend! Very inspiring, and I wanna be Jim when I grow up too! Well done all who competed!

  6. Erin :

    Jeremy, awesome post!
    We ALL look ridiculous in our knee socks and want to be Jim when we grow up. 🙂

  7. Greg B :

    Thanx to all that came out this weekend. I am truly humbled by the support that the Crossfit community has for people that they have never even met. Without the energy and support of these strangers I never would have completed the fourth WOD of the day. That stick seemed ten feet high at the end! I truly love each and every one of you. To all the coaches at Verve thanx for doing everything you can to get me ready for this. Some fantastic areas for improvement were exposed. AS with the others I would love to be Jim when I grow up but realistically I would just like to be able to walk after this weekend. Thanx to all and hugs all round.

  8. Jim Duwve :

    I’m very humbled by all of your comments The support and coaching of the Verve family is truly an inspiration to me. The fact that you would give up your weekend to come and cheer us on and give us support and hugs when we are all sweaty is truly amazing. Watching Erin, Greg, Jeremy Chris and Gabe give it 110% was an inspiration to me. With every wall ball that was missed every jump over a 10 foot stick, every agonizing 225 pound deadlift and 95 pound snatch, I was inspired by the tenacity and resilience you guys showed. I’m proud to have competed along side you.
    My best advice is don’t grow up!

  9. kadir :

    Well done Verve athletes!
    Greg, I don’t know if you noticed but the ENTIRE room was screaming and cheering for you at the end of the final workout (I was one of them)! Way to finish strong brother!!!

  10. Greg B :

    kadir I did notice and it was that support that made me finish. In my mind I thought F this I can’t possibly let all these people down they are yelling louder for me than any of the freaking winners! I have to do this! I think it was the energy of the crowd that got me off the ground those last 3 )2-1) rounds of the stick jump. I was so gassed that it would have been so easy to just lay down and crumble but I felt I owed it to the crowd that was going crazy for me. Thanx for yelling I think I heard you in the throngs of others.

  11. Slaughter :

    I was absolutely amazed by the competitors this weekend. Very inspirational!!! Sometimes my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was doing the WOD too!!! hahaha

  12. kadir :

    something that i realized this past weekend: it’s not just your gym mates that are your team. the CF community IS the team. the crowd helped me through the last grueling minute of workout 3. slaughter stopped filming and encouraged me to keep going!!! i couldn’t have done it without them. it still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!!! thank you all for being there.

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