Monday 111128

Three rounds for time of:

Run 800m
Rest 2 minutes

Post time to comments.

Darika killin' it at her first ever CrossFit competition.

I remember my first CrossFit competition.  It was up in Fort Collins a couple years ago, about 6 of us from Verve went up to throw down in a small but super fun competition. I was nervous the whole week before, not knowing what the movements and the workouts would be, wondering how it would go.  We were all committed to having fun–after all, "it's just a workout."  Friends and family, albeit confused at the fact we were paying money to workout for the whole weekend, showed up to cheer us on.  In an effort to keep us giggling and solidify our efforts as a Verve group, us girls sported some eye black "to look tougher." And as our heat times progressively got closer, the bathroom trips became more frequent. We warmed up together, talked through strategies (I really didn't any) and I tried to stay out of my head too much for fear of succombing to my nerves.  

As the weekend and the competition progressed, we met some fantastic people, everyone cheered just as loudly at the end as they did at the beginning, and everyone left their heart out in front of each other.  The workouts were tough–in fact, every woman with the exception of our very own Emmalee had to modify the last workout because of the pull-ups (no surprise there–in fact she placed first that weekend as well–>she's still the most gracious competitor I know).  Although I was dissappointed in being unable to finish the competition as strongly as I'd hoped, I realized how the competition had turned out to be more about what all we COULD do, rather than what we could not.  So then that last workout–we all went out there and showed what we COULD do.  I barrelled through it all out there from "3,2,1–Go!" to "Time!" and then, as we all collapsed at the end I remember thinking, "I'm hooked."  Now, my background was never one i would characterize much as a competitive athlete, but that feeling of camraderie and accomplishment I got from that first CrossFit competition was amazing.  So whether it's another local competition, or the upcoming CrossFit Open (it starts Februrary 22nd)–let's do it!  This time I won't be pregnant, so I've got that going for me.  Whether it's with a team, or by yourself, it's pretty damn hard putting your efforts out on display for everyone to see–but amazing things happen in that arena and you sometimes find that what you CAN do overshadows what you can't.

What has been your experience been in CrossFit competitions?  Would you recommend them?  What did you learn?


  1. Hanna K :

    I learned they look like so much fun that I want to be injury free and strong enough to try one 🙂

  2. Rich :

    Here is a really interesting segment Kiley and I saw on 60 Minutes last night: The Scientists who make the processed food so “amazing” and “delicious” through the development of flavorings.;storyMediaBox

  3. Tobias Coffin :

    Emmalee! Way to make it on the mainsite, nice time.

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