Monday 111205

For time:

100 Burpee pull-ups

Ideally, the pull-up bar is one foot above your reach.

Post time to comments.

If you don't think what you put into your mouth is integral to your health, watch this Tedx talk above.  Why do we implore you to eat your greens and take your fish oil?  This video is well worth your time.  

CrossFit Verve is hosting our next FREE Nutrition Workshop on Wednesday, December 14th at 730pm.  Come be part of Cherie's famous discussion and feel free to bring your friends, family and enemies.  We'll be starting another famous nutrition challenge in the next month or two, so get a head start on your New Year's resolutions and start readying your cupboard.  Learn how to fuel your body for wellness, combat disease and get your best performance.  


  1. Jordan :

    Awesome video!

  2. Hallie A. :

    Are other area crossfitters welcome that are not members at Verve?

  3. Danni :

    Thank you for sharing this video. For me, it is crucial to stay educated and have constant reminders of why we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to Cherie’s discussion, and to start another challenge!

  4. robyn :

    Agreed Dani…Yeah another challenge! It’s totally time for this girl to listen to another nutrition lecture, always need those helpful reminders and to learn more about why we do this for ourselves:)

  5. Watson :

    What a great video! I second Danni’s feelings toward the need of regular reminders.

  6. Slaughter :

    Verve does do Drop-Ins that are most welcome. Please email ahead to to let us know when you’ll be here for drop-ins 🙂
    That talk was AWESOME.

  7. Phil :

    Wonderfully inspiring video.

  8. CC :

    Hallie the nutrition lecture is open to the public and free.

  9. bjackson :

    I know this is a late post but…what this lady is saying is so profound that I really hope people start to listen. I realize we have heard this over and over and over but if it can have that kind of affect on someone who is sick, imagine what it is doing for those of us who are well…you always wanted to have super powers….this is all it takes!

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