Three rounds on the 1:00 minute interval, 45 second interval, and 30 second interval:
Row, calories
Push press, 75# (55#)
Ball slam
Kettlebell swing, 24Kg (16Kg)
Rest the interval time at the end of each round. 

Post total score for each round to comments.
Team CrossFit Verve at this weekends Regional Qualifiers.
First and foremost, congrats to all the CrossFit Verve athletes that laid it on the line at the Rocky Mountain Regional Games at Front Range CrossFit.  Not only was the event itself a great time, but hanging out as a team was a blast too.  We should all walk away knowing that we gave it our all.
This month CrossFit Verve is launching a mentor-ship program for new athletes.  We are going to be pairing new athletes with seasoned veterans in order to make the transition from Elements to the group WOD's less intimidating.  Like most mentor-ship programs, it's like having a new friend with whom you can discuss things like the WOD itself, logbooks, nutrition, schedule, and so on.  If you're interested in becoming a mentor – get in touch with Cherie or Matt.
179  014 
Mas, Elizabeth and Tiffany.  Hey look the new t-shirts came in, thanks Jake they look awesome. 
Matt took 1st place overall at this weekends games. See videos, check progess and check results here.  Way to go Matt, thank you for being our superhero. 


  1. Milk :

    You’re definetly a superhero bro. Great job, and CFRC will be there cheering you on, and afterwards I’ll buy you a beer.

  2. Erin :

    Congratulations Matt! You are truly an inspiration and a fantastic coach! It was fun watching you perform!!! Great job to all Verve athletes! You guys rock!

  3. Eric :

    Congrats Matt! Cherie congrats to you a well! You two are still the fittest crossfit couple. Great Job CFV athletes!

  4. Holly :

    Congratulations Matt!!! I wish I could’ve been there to watch and support everyone! I was on the way back from Washington DC. I’ll be back this week in full swing. 🙂

  5. Heather :

    *Check out Matt’s video on the mainsite!!
    *Awesome job again Matt, so much fun to watch, your an incredible athlete, and you’ve got the personality too : )
    *Everyone competing from Verve did awesome, way to push yourselves, way to cheer, we had such a great group!
    *Mas AKA The Burpee King, Coolest Burpees around, plus you were smilin through all of em…. it was great!!

  6. Matt :

    Thanks guys – but really, it was just the training and nutrition that made it happen. Stay on track, give every WOD your all, and enjoy your break day. CFV ROCKS!

  7. Jordan :

    Matt your a stud! I told you this last year at the games bro, everyone stand by for this guy! Way to go bro.

  8. Victoria :

    Congrats Matt! How awesome!!
    I wish I could have been there to cheer everyone on.
    I have only been part of CF for a month and ALREADY it has changed my life. Everyone has been so supportive and inspiring. I find myself talking about it to everyone I know.
    Thanks for everything you all do. You definitly deserve the WIN!!

  9. Joylyn :

    So Mas and I were remarking on our way home last night, what a really great weekend we had with all of you–our Verve family. It was so exciting to see each of the athletes really push themselves in the workouts and for everyone that showed up Saturday or Sunday to cheer for each other–THANK YOU!
    It was truly incredible to be able to hear your words of encouragement and see your smiles throughout the day. Some days it is victory enough for each of us to finish the WOD, but with a loud and rowdy fun crew like we had, it really kept it FUN.
    But of course, it was a total blast watching Matt and Cherie each workout! You both really practice everything you preach and you proved it all weekend. You were a class act the whole way, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds ahead.

  10. Joylyn :

    ps. Cherie–I’m totally taller than you in that pic btw. Matt–love the videos, can I get your autograph later? Maybe on Mas’s chest or something.

  11. DAMON5280 :

    Congrats Matt on your win! You and your Verve crew put on quite a showing this weekend. I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys this weekend. Good luck at the games.

  12. Congrats Matt! It was fun to watch. Never a dull moment. Good luck at the Games.
    It was great to see everyone this weekend.

  13. Cherie :

    How did you get like 2 feet taller?
    Jeff and Damon as always it was great to see you both.
    Jordon you know Matt is secretly in love with you right? Congrats on the filming gig, bada**.
    Eric are you going to be at the games this year? We don’t twitter yet but I’m sure it’s coming in our future.

  14. Catherine :

    Way to go Matt! Way to go everybody! I’m new on the scene, came to watch the games on Saturday and was very inspired.
    Hard work DOES pay off. Nobody can ever doubt that you get MORE than what you pay for at CFV. Way to live what you teach! You truly lead by example.

  15. Vardo :

    To my friends at CrossFit Verve:
    Congratulations on a spectacular effort during the Regional Games this past weekend! Your camaraderie and family like atmosphere you’ve created was apparent to anyone at the event – and boy do your new t-shirts look really cool!
    Matt – nice job, bud! Having the privilege of working out with you is truly inspiring. Keep up the great work!

  16. RO RO :

    Marry me, Matt! WOW, brother. Can’t wait to see you next week. Hopefully you’re tired enough for me to keep up through a WOD.

  17. Alan :

    Ok California Bound Verver’s….The house has been booked! We are about 20 mins outside of Aromas. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with ocean views! And – just for our “lead by example” coach, (and because he will need it)…WE HAVE A HOT TUB! Here is a link to the house if you want to check out some photos –
    It says it sleeps 11…but with only 2 baths….it might be interesting! Let’s say for now if we find 10 to go, we will only be looking at $230.00 per person for the entire weekend!
    As it stands right now, I have myself, Anna, Matt, Cherie, Tiff, Tim, and Gerson going. That makes 7. That puts us at $330.00 per person for the weekend. We have it reserved for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. If you choose to stay longer, you will need to look for a hotel near by. This will at least get us through the games with Paleo/Zone home cooked meals.
    If anyone else wants to go, (there are 3 more spots) please contact Alan or Anna ASAP (phone numbers are posted at the gym). The only fair way to do this is first come first served. I imagine we could do more than 10..but plan on checking a sleeping bag and sleeping in the hallway!
    To the 7 that have committed to the trip….Anna and I have put up the money for the house, and have paid in full. We are ok not taking a deposit…but it would ease our minds if we knew you at least purchased your plane tickets. That would be commitment enough for us! Really just Tim and Gerson are the only one’s that we don’t know if you have purchased your airline tix or not.
    Hope you guys like the pad. Looks like it will be nice! Call me with any questions! See you all after I get back from FL!

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