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My Handstand Progression 2009-2011 – Amanda Kennedy

I went to India in December and the whole time I couldn’t wait to go to the Taj Mahal to do a handstand. I was only going to share the Taj Mahal photo, but I got looking at my other handstand pictures. This is when I discovered my handstand photos documented my body composition changes. So here are 4 photos taken from May 2009 to December 2011. 

The first photo is from a trip to Moab Memorial Day weekend in 2009. I had just started at Verve and was obsessed with the CrossFit mainsite especially the handstand pictures. So when I arrived at Balance Rock in Arches National Park I knew I wanted to get a handstand photo. It took me multiple times to get the handstand so a photo could be captured. The photos leading up to this one are hilarious (and not included!). I have little shape to my body and almost look like a block or rectangle. 

The second photo is from Mission Beach in San Diego, February 2010. Again, many photos were snapped trying to get a decent handstand shot. I am not secure in this handstand with my arms bending, but at least my head is facing forward and I have some curves peaking out.

The third photo is at Loveland Pass in Colorado taken late May 2010. I had just completed the Verve 30-day Paleo challenge and saw awesome results. This photo shows noticeable changes in my hips/waist and arms. 

The fourth photo is at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, December 2011. Looking at this photo is when I realized I had made major changes to my body. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it. I looked solid. My arms, waist, hips and legs were in a tight stable hold. My head was neutral and I was smiling. Best thing is this is the one and only photo snapped. I held a freestanding handstand long enough for this photo to be taken and it felt good. 

These changes were made from participating in the Best Shape of My Life Challenge at the start of 2011. I wish I had taken a handstand photo at the end of the challenge in March 2011, but one really is not needed because the greatest accomplishment to come from that challenge is that I have successfully maintained my weight from when Cherie took my final measurements to almost a year later. I am now in the maintenance phase of my life and it is pretty awesome. 

So for those of you in the challenge right now, stick with it and stick with it after. The outcome is so worth it! My handstand photos show my progression and achievements since starting at Verve. Find something to document yours!  I’d like to thank all the Verve Trainers for giving me the support and tools to find my way back to my true self. CrossFit Verve and the Verve Community is unlike anything else out there. Thank you all! 


  1. Leslie :

    Great Job Amanda! Looking good!

  2. Mr. Watson :

    Amanda… WOW! I’ve only known you for a little over a year, but I’ve been amazed by your progress during that time. To see your pics from ’09 = Amazing! How awesome to see how far you’ve come after so much hard work!

  3. Stacey E. :

    Amanda..Your pics are amazing! Congratulations on your hard work!

  4. Erin :

    So super awesome, Amanda!!! Your progress is so cool to see both here and during WODs. Congrats!

  5. Julie H. :

    Cheers to you Amanda, great work!

  6. Jeremy :

    Any advice on how to add in exercise bonus points to the BSOML spreadsheet? Thanks!

  7. Amanda, you fucking rock and are an inspiration! Keep up the great work of maintaining your awesome success!

  8. Jeremy :

    Matt- yes it’s working fine; I see now where the points are added into the progress page. Thanks!

  9. Danni :

    Love the post, Amanda! That’s so great to see how far you have come, definitely an inspiration 🙂

  10. Darika :

    Awesome work, Amanda! Great photos!

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