Monday 120123

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post completed minutes to comments.

Jordon, completing "Fran" as Rx'd! Awesome!

Milligrams Per Deciliter – Matt

Yep, another strange unit of measurement that may be hard to find a suitable application for.  Here’s one that comes to mind: blood glucose level, or more descriptively, the amount of glucose (digested sugar) floating around your blood stream at any given moment.

A healthy adult typically falls into the range of 120-80mg/dL during a normal state.  We’ll take the middle of the road value of 100mg/dL for our little exercise here.  The blood glucose value 100mg/dL simply means that we have roughly 5g of glucose floating around in our total blood volume (or 5,000mg/50dL, assuming a total blood volume of 5L).

5g?  Doesn’t that seem a little low?  Well folks, that’s reality!  Your mind and body is able to run efficiently on this level of blood sugar at any time.  If your blood glucose level rises much above this, like after a meal, your pancreas releases the hormone insulin to restore a normalized blood sugar level (120-80mg/dL).  It does this by using what it can through a demand based delivery system, or it stores what cannot be used.

The storage part of the equation is what we’re most concerned with.  After your body decides that it has what it needs in order to operate at the given demand, blood sugar is next stored in the liver, where it is converted to glycogen.  The liver only stores about 100g of glycogen, but is rarely completely depleted, which really means you’re only “topping it off”.

Next your body sends excess glucose to muscles in need of glycogen replenishment.  Your muscles store around 300g of glycogen and again, you are only “topping off” the available stores.  At this point, your body begins to convert glucose into fatty acids, which are stored as triglycerides for later use.  Triglycerides are a potent energy source, yielding 9 cal/g – more than double that of a gram of carbohydrate!!!

By limiting carbohydrate intake to levels that do not cause a massive spike in blood sugar, we can effectively continue to feed our brains and bodies the necessary fuel to run efficiently, without storing excess fat.  Stick to a baseline Zone prescription, which offers carbohydrate regulation, and see what it does for you.  


  1. Nat :


    I said this before and I will say it again, the progress you have made is absolutely amazing. Well done man, Fran Rx is a huge accomplishment.

  2. Jordan :

    Thanks Nat! I felt good about finishing it and I can’t wait to beat my time.

  3. Andrew :

    For those of you who had a long weekend, here is some CrossFit humor to cheer you up

  4. Kristen :

    I could use some suggestions for eating Paleo/Zone while traveling. I’m going out of town (flying) this weekend and don’t want to mess up on the challenge. What tips do you have for food when traveling?

    • Julie H. :

      Andrew, love the trailer! Too funny (and true:)
      Kristen, I travel a ton and have actually done pretty well if I plan ahead. You can at least get away with a day of food prepped from the meal plan on the day you leave for your trip. I usually stay at a hotel with a mini fridge and microwave. Anyhow, if you try to make all the food as per the meal plan, you can just block out the meals. I literally “brown bag it” and take it with me as a small carry-on when I fly. I use small containers and plastic baggies. Also, at Bed, Bath and Beyond I bought a mini scaled ($5) and there are these awesome collapsible (sp?) silicone measuring cups and spoons. Super nifty. I also pack the appropriate blocks of fruit and grab some almonds or other nuts for fat blocks. When I am out of prepped food, I try to find a place where I can get sides of meat (grocery, some restaurants, etc.). Not sure if this helps, but good luck, it can be done, it just takes a lot of work!

      • John :

        Kristen, I was just out on the road for work which involved lots of restaurant dining. If that’s your deal then probably the very best you can do is stay paleo and forget the measuring (zone) part. Stay away from the booze and wine with dinner, those negative points add up quick (trust me, I know)! It’s usually fairly easy to order a plain chicken breast or steak and then get some veggies on the side or get a salad topped with sliced chicken breast. However, you’ll realize that a salad like that probably doesn’t even constitute a block of carbs, so you’ll want to stock up on apples from a grocery store or the hotel lobby to make up the difference. Breakfast is usually easier since most places have eggs, even on those cheap hotel breakfast buffets. As Julie mentioned, a bag of almonds and some beef jerky comes in handy for snacks too. My advice, just try to not blow it too bad and then make up for it with extra workouts!

  5. Jim D, :

    Kristen, thats is my current dilema. I’m packing food to take on the road tonight. I surely won’t get anything close to paleo on the airplane and my layover is to short to find real food before I come back tomorrow. So. I’m packing boiled eggs, broccoli, celery, jerky, apples and pears. I also made a tuperware containor full of spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs covered in salsa for tonight. I’ll also pack pistachios and almonds.

    Trying to eat paleo and zone in retaurants has become hard and expensive. Trying to buy a block or two of vegetables other than french fries is next to impossible.

    Good luck,

    Awesome job Jordon, Fran is a cruel mistress, way to tame her.

  6. Good on ya!!!

  7. Hanna :

    Kristen, I travel a ton too and am often gone for 2 weeks at a time, overseas where getting to a supermarket AND deciphering what the food actually is can be a challenge. I take Tanka bars (1 bar = 1P,1C, 1F), protein powder shakes and nuts with me. Hotels and restaurants are usually OK for fruit and veggies, I just order lots of veggie sides in addition to my salad and like the suggestion above, ask for a plain chicken breast or something similar. I steer clear of the booze and stay Paleo, but don’t lose sleep over the Zone proportions while on the road – travel’s stressful enough as it is! Good luck!

  8. Kristen :

    Thanks all for the great advise and tips! I’m feeling a lot more confident about staying on path now!


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