Monday 120227

Three rounds for time:

75 Squats
15 Push jerks, 155#/105#

Post time to comments.

Marsha practicing the iron cross.

Do You Have Leaderboard Fever or Are You Nervous About What’s in Store?

With WOD12.1 in the books, participants are stuck anxiously awaiting WOD12.2.  What will it be?  Snatches?  Pull-ups?  Double-unders?  Regardless of what’s in store, these precious days leave a lot to the imagination.  Seemingly endless hours thinking of movements and combinations of movements that you’d dread seeing.

One thing that might take your mind off the inevitable is the CrossFit Games Leaderboard.  You can find where you fall amongst the 50,000+ registered participants from around the world, as well as within the Southwest Region.  Currently, CrossFit Verve stands in forth place in the Southwest Region!  Where would you fall in the standings if you lived in the Northeast Region?

Although time is limited, you can still practice the things you struggle with.  If you have a tough time linking double-unders, show up 10 minutes early to practice double-unders.  Have a rough time coordinating the snatch into a fluid movement – head to the Olympic Weightlifting class to brush up on your technique.  Is your butterfly a little off the mark – you get the idea.

What do you dread seeing the most?  I’ll kick off the comments… 5k run or handstand push-ups.  Post to comments.


  1. NateR :

    Well one thing I DO know is that if I were in Africa, I’d be in 4th place right now. That’s gonna help me sleep easy tonight. I dread seeing heavy overhead anything.

  2. Too bad Marsha didn’t realize she’d stepped in something before Zac helped her stabilize…

    Duh. Doubleunders. Pew.

  3. Jordan :

    OHS! Yuck.

  4. Mr. Watson :

    8:31 subbed HSPU for PP (in the hotel room)… Hope nobody was in the next room hearing me scrape my feet against the wall and huffing and puffing through the squats.

    As for movements I don’t want to see… Push-ups & T2B. Pretty confident they’ll put em in the same WOD again though. Sigh…

  5. Chris :


  6. Jeremy :

    Pistols and OHS are pretty much my CrossFit Kryptonite.

  7. rob b :

    muscle-ups, double-unders, heavy anything…basically the stuff that will get me a DNF and no score for remainder of the Open. But, I knew that going in so it’ll be what it is and I’ll have fun with it regardless.

    Go Verve!

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