Monday 120325

Five rounds for time:

Run 800m
5 Back squats

Post time and load to comments.

Dani Brooks during WOD12.1 - by The Face Of Fitness

CrossFit Verve and the CrossFit Open

Week five has come to a close and so ends the 2012 CrossFit Open.  For this year, the days of anticipation leading up to the announcement of each week’s workout have ended, as have the seemingly endless AMRAPs that have become the standard for CrossFit Open workouts.  There will be much less chatter about how athlete’s are going to approach the WOD and who is going to kill it.  Not to worry though, for some the journey has just begun.

Please join me in congratulating the 96 athletes that signed up and participated in the CrossFit Open.  We had athletes from all walks of life, all age groups, with varying CrossFit experience.  Some had participated in CrossFit competitions in the past, some had not, and some had never even considered competing until the final moments before they signed up.  It was a true honor to compete for the gym with the largest number of athletes in the Southwest!  For this, we earned 96 free tickets to the CrossFit Games Southwest Regionals to be held May 4-6 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.  Tickets will be distributed to the 96 participants that helped earn CrossFit Verve the title of “Largest Team in the Southwest Region.”

Athletes who have earned a position in the Southwest Regionals include; Emmalee Moore, Beth Guse, Cherie Chan, and Matt Chan.  We’re also proud to announce that not only did CrossFit Verve qualify a team to compete in the Southwest Regionals, but our team placed 17th overall in the world!  Lastly, congratulations are in order for Master’s competitor Jim Duwve, who has qualified to compete at the CrossFit Games for the second year!  Congrats to all!

Yes, the CrossFit Open is over… but it wouldn’t have been as fun without each of you.  Thank you for having pride in your gym and making the CrossFit Open a huge success at CrossFit Verve!  Remember, this is just a fun way of expressing our interest in health and fitness… that which brought us all together.  It’s the community at Verve that is the true success in the CrossFit Open. Please join us as we support our Regionals and Games athletes through the rest of their journey.


  1. Greg B :

    There are few things that I am as proud of as being a Verve athlete. Thanx to all of you that make it easy to hold my head high and say that I am a part of the Verve family. Give it your all at regionals and be proud, you are an elite group of people.

  2. bill :

    Congrats and good luck to everyone!

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