Monday 120416

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 minutes of:

9 Deadlifts, 155#/105#
12 Hand release push-ups
15 Box jumps, 24″/20″

Compare to Open WOD11.2 from last year.

Post rounds and reps to comments.

Ben all wrapped up in the cargo net.

The Hopper

At the 2007 CrossFit Games, Greg Glassman introduced an experiment to the participating athletes.  The concept was simple, he loaded countless skills and drills into an old peanut roaster that he found on site.  Any and every task they could think of was thrown into the hopper so that once mixed, there was no telling what could pop out.  His contention was that the fittest athlete would not be scared of what might be drawn from the hopper because that athlete would possess a high level of capacity at all skills and drills.

The Hopper

Imagine for a moment, if we put the concept of the hopper to the test by having Lance Armstrong go head to head with Rich Froning.  These two gentleman are certainly fit and virtuosos at their respective sports.  If we gave the hopper a turn or two and stuck a hand in the hopper to pull out a workout, guess what Lance would be thinking; “Please let it be medium or long distance bike ride!”. Meanwhile, Rich would be thinking “Anything but medium or long distance bike!”  If medium and long distance bike were drawn, sure Lance would easily beat Rich, but what happens if anything else is drawn?  30 muscle-ups, 1RM deadlift, “Cindy”, pile as many sandbags as possible in 8 hours?  Rich would win.

Now apply this experiment to your own fitness.  What would you least want to see drawn from the hopper?  These are the very things that your need to address head on so that you maintain a balance of skills ands drills across any and all time durations.  The hopper, though only an experiment, can tell you a lot about your own fitness and what the chinks in your armor are.  We all have them, but we aren’t all willing to address them.  Are you?


  1. Leslie :
  2. James (O.G.) :
  3. NateR :

    10+2 Rx today.

    compared with 8+1 last year. That’s 73 more reps. Ridiculous!

  4. Joylyn :

    Ben–I love that picture!
    James–how fun! It sounds like a blast, but that’s the weekend of the Games in L.A. that we’ll all be cheering on our Verve team, Chans, Emm, and Jim.

    Nate–>don’t forget you are a whole 365 days older this year. I can say that since I’m your older sister 😉

  5. Matt :

    Hopper? Long duration running events are still what I’d least like to see roll out of the hopper….. but I’m getting better 🙂

  6. David S :

    9+33 RX

  7. David S :

    +40 better than last year

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