Monday 120430


For time:
25 Burpees
Run 400 meters, 20#/14# medicine ball
25 Weighted pull-ups, 20#/10# dumbbell
Run 400 meters, 20#/14 medicine ball
25 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters, 20#/14# medicine ball
25 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
Run 400 meters, 20#/14# medicine ball
25 Burpees

Post time to comments.

Daniel doing his first "Fight Gone Bad"

More About CrossFit Lite

CrossFit Lite is designed to bridge the gap between Foundations/Elements and the CrossFit workout of the day.  The strategy behind the programming is simple, we’ll perform and reinforce solid, consistent mechanics of foundational movements before moving on to complex, transitional movements.  For example, if you have a hard time keeping your heels on the ground or your back flat/chest up in an air squat, why put the pressure on yourself to perform a weighted overhead squat?  If you find that you lack the strength to perform 10 push-ups in a solid plank position, why strap 10,000 bands to yourself to do handstand push-ups?

To be clear, this is not a watered down version of CrossFit.  We’ll still be performing functional movements with intensity… but the intensity will scaled to suit the athlete’s physical and psychological tolerances to ensure consistent successful growth within the program.  Body control in various positions, strength work, and building a conditioning base for the future will be included in each day’s programming.  

We can’t take credit for the concept of CrossFit Lite – it was an idea brought to us by athletes who found the workout of the day and the class atmosphere were too advanced or didn’t meet their needs.  If this class sounds like something you might benefit from, you probably will!  Please come and check it out!  It starts on Tuesday March 1st at 6pm and runs concurrently with the workout of the day, though the programming will be entirely different.


  1. Leslie :

    Hi. Will the WOD/ or what we are working on for Crossfit Lite be posted? There are some things I would like to work on and would be interested in taking the class. Thanks!

  2. Tough one.
    Nice you see you Matt. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Your comment on Del and his suffering and price made this much more meaningful.

  3. Emily A. :

    Does having the crossfit light choice mean that the daily WOD will not be modified if you are not at RX weight etc.?

  4. Keith :

    Another Lite (how about the word “skills” or “drills” or “Lab” or even “rehearsal”- Lite seems so… well…wimpy) question: I presume that one can go from WOD to Lite without any difficulty?

  5. Cherie :

    Hi Guys – Thanks for all the questions.

    Leslie – no the programing will not be posted. Similar to our other specialty programs, like mom’s oly lifting etc….

    Emily – The WOD wil remain scalable to all.

    Keith – I pondered the title a while. Though it is not really “lite” as anyone of us would still get our ass handed to us in the lite class if we are applying our intensity appropriately. It also isn’t any of the other suggestions. So lite it is and it helps people best understand it’s intention. Yes people can go to both classes and I actually suggestion that people try it regardless of their abilities.

    Cheers CC

  6. David S :

    22:13 rx

  7. Julie H. :

    A BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful coaches and others that made Sunday Funday possible! I for one had a blast and maybe even a bit too much “fun” 🙂 . What a world class organization and all-around fantastic group of people!

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