Monday 120514

As many rounds as possible in 15:00 minutes of:

9 Thrusters, 115#/75#
1 Legless rope climb, 18′

Post rounds to comments.

If you never fail during a max effort, you aren't really testing your abilities.

BIG Fun for kids!!!

Our children are little weeds that need to be watered everyday.  Some feed their little weeds with sugary snacks and video games.  Here at Verve, we feed our little weeds with encouragement and challenges everyday.  Children need to be out and about in our wonderful world.  Enjoying the sun getting their Vitamin D.  Jumping and landing on hard surfaces to fortify the Calcium in their bones.  So what a better way than to include them in the same activity that you love…  Crossfit.  

Verve is starting a Crossfit Kids program that will help your child on the field and in the classroom.  “BIGFun” stands for Broad, Inclusive, General, and Functional.  This training allows kids to participate in classes that develop functional strength for everything they do in their active lives.  At the same time to have as much fun as possible.  Verve kids will be based off the same 10 general skills that the adults use.  Cardio/Respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination.  We were all young once, remember how awkward you were with your ever changing body?  Verve Kids will help these young athletes excel with a combination nutrition, monostructural conditioning(running, jump rope), gymnastics, and weightlifting(super light).  Which all will lead to the ability to excel in any specific sport they choose.  

Our goal is to get you kids off the couch and get them involved in physical activities that will benefit them physically and mentally.  CrossFit will help your youngster in other sports that they enjoy also by not specializing.  CrossFit will work on both their anaerobic and aerobic capacities.  

We are going to have a 6-week trial run of the Kids program starting May 19th.  The class will be 30 minutes long at 1:30pm on Saturday’s.  Please show your interest and your enthusiasm on the comments page.  


  1. Jeremy :

    Sounds great; what is the eligible age range?

  2. Verve :

    Hi Kids! We’ve has a billion e-mails about problems signing up with MBO!

    Please come into classes, we are spending time with MBO right now to figure this out.


  3. Ross :

    Verve Trainers – I am having issues registering for classes. MindBody says I don’t have enough credits, but I have an unlimted membership. Any thoughts about what the issue might be? Thank you in advance, Ross

  4. Ross :

    disregard my message, I jus read Cherie’s post. Sorry

  5. Robyn :

    Jeremy – right now we are taking kids 5-12 for starters.

  6. Jen M :

    We are in!!! Plan on Brett (10) and Eli (6). Thanks -Jen M.

  7. Verve :

    MBO seems to be working now. If you have any problems please let us know or we will assume it’s fixed.


  8. Jeremy :

    Thanks Robyn… we’ll be anxiously awaiting next year- Finn isn’t 5 until a year from July 4th.

    Just a quick reminder to everyone that registration for the Colorado Open begins tomorrow a.m. at 9:00. Check it out here: and hit the FRCF Event Series link. This year, the event will feature a Pro Division, mercifully separating the Chan-like elite from the Ham & Eggers like myself. Hope to see Ververs represent!

  9. Anna :

    Who all is competing in the open? Registration opens tomorrow.

  10. Molly :

    I know Maddie is super excited about crossfit kids, she’s always ridiculously jelly watching all the fun the grownups have everyday

  11. David S :

    7 rx

  12. Nicole S :

    My son, Jack (6) will be there!

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