Monday 120716

Start by taking 10% off 1RM back squat, then add 10#

Back squat
75% x5 reps
85% x3 reps
95% x1 reps +

Then complete, 15-12-9 reps for time of:
Double kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg (each hand)
Thrusters, 24kg/16kg (each hand)

Post loads and time to comments and BTWB.

Matt finishing strong

Sunday was a whirlwind of the unknown for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games athletes.  The individual competitors faced “The Double Banger” which involved a series of sled weights to advance between double under stations, in which Matt excelled.  Then the afternoon finale actually consisted of three workouts all back to back–>”Elizabeth,” Isabel,” and the classic “Fran.”  Matt finishes the 2012 CrossFit Games in 2nd place overall!

Matt has worked incredibly hard, competing in the Games for 5 years running.  His continued dedication to perfection and commitment to the Sport of Fitness never fails to inspire those around him.  He is a humble, down to earth, goofy guy who loves the community of CrossFit and has sacrificed so much in his pursuit of the Games podium.  

Well, all we can say is thank you Matt for being the genuine, 2nd Fittest Man on Earth and sharing that with each and everyone you meet!  We are so proud of you Matt!


  1. doug :

    Great job, Matt! Wish I was there to see it. Very proud to know you, as always.

  2. Sara Lew :

    So rad! Congrats, Matt!

  3. Rob b :

    Illustrating for the world what we already knew. Congrats!!
    And kudos to Duwve as well! Great job!
    No results for Addie listed but we know you rocked it too!
    Safe travels home to all who are there

  4. Charlie Gray :

    Congratulations Matt Chan.

    Strong Work, and well done.! Hope you are at least allowed to drink a beer in the coming week for all that hard work : ) Cheers!

  5. Gregg :

    Congratulations Matt,
    Thanks for proving yet again what happens when you train hard and practice what you preach.

  6. Joe Cruz :

    This is why we work out at Verve–because of amazing coaches, the amazing competitive spirit, and the drive of the Chans to push themselves and us to the limits and beyond.

    Well done, Matt!

  7. luke :

    Congrats Matt! Awesome job.

  8. I should probably start listening; he clearly knows what he’s talking about. FINE!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Really very cool to watch and know just how much you have put into the process. You earned every bit.

  9. Chris Kamper :

    Congratulations Matt and Jim!! Well done, proud to know ya.

  10. bill :

    Congrats to Matt, Jim, and Addie, it was cool to see so many people from verve competing! Wish i didnt live so far away.

  11. Jeremy :

    Congratulations to Addie, Jim & Matt! You were all inspiring and incredible in your performances. Matt, I’m so happy for you, especially knowing how hard you’ve worked to get to the podium. You deserve every bit of recognition for all that you are & all you’ve achieved!

    On a side note, why do I feel like burpee-MU, Elizabeth, Isabel & Fran are in our future?! 😉

  12. Dustin :

    Great job Matt, I am 33 years old been doing Crossfit for almost a year now. It is so inspiring to see how well you did at the games. I know how hard it is to keep up with guys 10 years younger than you.

  13. Jenn :

    Congratulations to Matt, Jim and Addie for showing the world the true definition of the word “verve”! Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing community.

  14. Keith :

    The games were amazing to watch and made even better the immense representation by Verve athletes. All of you are an inspiration not only for your talent drive beautiful team spirits.
    CONGRATULATION to all of you!

    As for muscle up – burpees… I propose they they are a partner WOD. I hereby volunteer to do burpees for a muscle-upper.

  15. bjackson :

    HELLS YA, MATT!!!!
    you are freaking awesome!

  16. Tara Tooley :

    Here is a little present for you Matt & Cherie Chan – your commitment makes a difference!

  17. Jenn G :

    Congratulations Matt! I’m so glad your hard work and dedication paid off. You definitely deserved to be on that podium. We were very proud to see you there!!

    Thank you for all that you do for me, my family and the community as a whole.

  18. Josh Albert :

    Great work Matt! One of my favorite games moments was just watching you stand on the podium! you were truly proud and overjoyed to be there and you deserve it!

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