Monday 120813

Start by taking 10% off 1RM back squat, then add 20#

Back squat
75% x5 reps
85% x3 reps
95% x1 reps +

Then complete, three rounds for time:

9 Front squats, 185# (125#)
9 Parallette handstand push-ups

Post time to comments and BTWB.

The name is Bosch, Aaron Bosch.

We love to move our bodies in CrossFit.  We use these functional, safe, natural movements to train our body at high intensity, constantly varied and we get results.  We are sticklers for training movements through full range of motion, because, well, that’s what life demands!  We want you to be able to get up off the ground when needed, or pull your body up over something when life gives it to you.

Another great way to build/maintain strength is through isometric exercises.  These static holds maintain a single position without movement, and so they will only improve strength in that single position.  Muscle length does not change, and there is no visible movement around a joint.  These are a great way to improve core stability and rehabilitation for injuries without putting undue stress upon a joint.  We implore you that position is key.  Moving through full range of motion takes your body through a series of these positions.  So spend time in handstand holds, wall sits, plank holds regularly throughout the week either in an interval format or accumulate a period of time and try to decrease your amount of attempts.  All of our coaches can help you get in a good position, then 3-2-1-Go! 

This Saturday, August 18th please join us for our next Swimming Workshops and WODs at Berkeley Pool.  Sign up here!  Free to Verve members, $10 for visitors.  We’ll even have open swim fun time (read possible slackline challenge over water) starting at 11am.  Then we’ll break out the BBQ’s and play in the park.  Bring your families out for a good time!


  1. slaughter :

    I want to be Aaron’s sidekick.

  2. Keith :

    BTWB doesn’t have today’s WOD. At least mine doesn’t.

  3. Cherie :

    Love Love Love this picture of Aaron!

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