Monday 120917

Start by taking 10% off 1RM back squat, then add 20# (no box)

Back squat
75% x5 reps
85% x3 reps
95% x1 reps +

Then complete, Death by 10m shuttle sprint and burpee:
On the first minute run 10m and do one burpee. Second minute, run two 10m sprints touching both hands to the floor, then do two burpees, etc until you are unable to finish within the minute. Finally, take a two minute break and do 50 burpees for time.

Post loads and times to comments and BTW.

Beth flying through Fran, cape and all.

CrossFit means “can do” to me.  It means I can say, “Yes” when friends invite me to go hike a fourteener, or mountain biking, or cross-country skiing.  It means “Yes, I’d love to ___.”   CrossFit’s specialty is not specializing, and I love that.  I’m in it for the long haul, to keep up with my husband, to keep up with my kids, to keep up with my dogs, to be able to say “Yes” to whatever life asks of me, whether it’s monkey bars at the playground, skydiving, scale a wall, whatever!  

I may not be able to do everything I want to in the gym, but in life, I’m darn happy with it all and that’s why I do it.  Every year, I think it’s important to step outside of my comfort zone in the gym and participate in a competition.  I love the community, I love the reminder of how friendly and fun CrossFit is, I love the camraderie with strangers as we all push ourselves.  I love how I always surprise myself with what I can do when I push those boundaries.  It gives me a goal, another focus and another motivation.  It’s a day, or a weekend, to go laugh, get some great workouts, and see what my training has done for me, and what I can do this time, that I couldn’t do last time.  I can’t wait to see what CrossFit means I can do next time too.

Are you looking to participate in a local competition?  Here’s a couple of upcoming events that Verve athletes will be joining and we’ll have support crew attending:

MBS Turkey Challenge, November 17-18th (registration opens today at 9am sharp)

Rhinos and Unicorns (a Barbells for Boobs event), October 20th

What are some other events/competitions you are interested in or want to share with us?  Please post to comments!



  1. Dan A :

    I finally traveled far enough this past Friday to find a CrossFit gym not trained by Cherie! AK CrossFit in Atlanta had actually never even heard of Verve! Though like every CF gym I’ve visited, they were friendly and welcoming (after the caveat below). They had a nice facility and all the right equipment. But they didn’t have Verve trainers. The visit just reinforced how lucky we are at Verve to have the great focus on form, mobility, the right warm-ups and encouragement/challenge. And it showed in the members’ form and success.

    There is the issue that when I show up at other gyms I first get the “can I help you?” paired with “have you ever done CrossFit before” with the underlying tone at least I get being “do you know what we do here, because this stuff could kill an old guy like you”. Which of course motivated me to finish second out of ten in their Kitchen Sink WOD!

  2. Patrick M :


    If you enjoy a good bargain and coconut water Sunflower now Named Sprouts has BOGO free coconut water. THis deal goes until the 19th. N o limit 🙂


  3. Jenn :

    Does anyone remember the name of the company that performed the body fat testing a couple of weeks ago? I was out of town when they were at Verve, and I’d like to contact them for an appointment.


  4. Jen M. :

    Jenn – All I have is an email it’s – Jen M. or you can try she is the only one in Colorado.

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