Monday 121119

Four rounds for time:

Row 500 meters
10 Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments and BTWB.

Jamie goes to his happy place. Great job this weekend!

Injury prevention, listening to your body, and lessons learned from a common girl with a common body and common problems! 

So…  This is a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time.  Through a desire to be as healthy as I can and heal the ailments that have plagued me on my path, I’ve learned so much about the human body and what true health is.  To me health is maintaining or increasing my quality of life as it relates to my physical self or psychological self.  If I am injured or have pain, that is a direct contradiction to that definition.  

Over the course of my quest I have; broken ribs, broken my wrist, broken my elbow, torn ligaments in my shoulder, herniated two lumbar discs, bulged a disc and tore a disc, recovered from two pregnancies, and random other “pains”.  All of these things are not uncommon, if you take a laundry list of your injuries and issues yours may look just as long if not longer.  So the issue with us human animals isn’t whether or not we will get hurt, it is how do we prevent it when we can, how do we listen to our bodies and how to rehab ourselves back to 100%.

When you feel something that just isn’t right.  The absolute worse thing we can do is nothing.   For instance, my calves get unusually tight and painful after running, box jumps or any jumping.  It’s not an unbearable pain nor does it prevent me from doing any movements.  It basically slows me down and irritates me (This is what I would call a warning sign).  If I did nothing, it would either stay the same or get worse and cause a real injury.  So that is not an option.  The other no, no that we see a lot, is people just take two weeks or a month off of doing anything.  Granted there are occasions where this may actually work just fine (like a stabbing wound), but it usually leaves people weaker  then before the warning sign.  When they come back they are actually more likely to get injured because they start right where they left off and the body is not primed or ready for that.

Here are some things to consider when you are feeling a “warning sign”:

Remember this above all else, Most Injuries need blood flow, that is how our tissues get nutrients to heal (Not in the case of the stabbing wound).  There are MANY way to achive this blood flow.

Moving your body in a position of rehab is a great way to get blood to the area. When I injured my back I did 10 good mornings every single time I thought about it through out the day. 

Mobility – including trigger point, LAX balls, mashing, rollers.  This can even be done with a water bottle that’s been frozen, bands, dynamic stretching, pvc work etc.  Many times regular mobility can fix a problem.  You just have to be consistent and be mobilizing the right spots.  For instance; if I trigger point roll by lower legs for 10 minutes before running or jumping, I have absolutely no issues with the tissue.  If I was to do that everyday, I’d heal it and not just keep it at bay!  

Talked to a coach – This can be helpful at any time, but know that they can help you to scale your WOD as to not further nag your injury.  Or help you develop a plan with mobilization and movement progressions.  Please keep in mind that all the trainers do personal training and are happy to take anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour with you one-on-one to develop a plan to help you progress.  This is especially helpful when coming back from and injury/surgery etc.

Go seek out side help-  I do this regularly and when anything comes up that I know just isn’t right.  I would much rather prevent and injury then spend months healing one.  Not to mention the cost savings.  As many of you know we regular use Dr. Jason Gridley for “tune-ups”.  It is amazing what some dry-needling, electricity or ART can do for an injury.  It doesn’t have to be him, but some knowledgeable outside help so that you know exactly what is going on! 

If your injury is acute – The way that you treat a “warning sign” or “injury” in the first 48 hours determines your total rate of recovery.  In other words, don’t treat it and it will take twice as long to heal. 

In closing, all injuries have the capacity to heal.  You have to believe that and do everything in your power to make that happen in order to have the best quality of life that you can have. When something is ailing you it is your responsibility to take action.  So while frustration may over come you at times, f++k the frustration and get on with the healing! 


  1. Excellent job to all who did the Turkey Challenge this weekend!

  2. slaughter :

    That is one determined Jamie!!!!

  3. Luke :

    That is a great pic Jamie. Love the focus,

  4. jamie :

    If I remember rite it went something like, “c’mon forearms don’t fail me now and that I promise you I will never do a 20 min amrap of muscle-ups 2 days before a comp. again”. 🙂
    thank you my friends

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