Monday 121210

As many rounds as possible in twenty minutes:

5 Deadlifts, 225# (155#)
7 Pull ups
9 Push ups

Post rounds to comments and BTWB. 

Stephanie was a spider monkey previous to joining CrossFit Verve.

Upcoming Verve community events, put these in your calendar and join us for a good time!

  • Nutrition Program meetings — Thursday, December  13 and Thursday, December 27 at 7pm.  Upcoming topics include “Leaky Gut” and our Nutrition Lifestyle Kick-off.  Meetings are free to everyone this month, come check it out!
  • Denver Zoolights — Friday, December 21 at 6pm.
  • New Year’s Eve Throwdown/Dance-off/Wrestling match — Monday, December 31 at 10pm.  Free to all for some safe, family friendly fun.  
  • Nutrition Workshop — Tuesday, January 8 at 7pm, free to the public.  Bring your friends and family.
  • Best Year Yet Bash — Saturday, January 12 at 6:30pm.  Epic times to be had by all!  Family friendly.
  • Change Your Life Kick-off — January 28 through March 11.  Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes to improve your wellness and performance in 2013!  More info to come. 

We are always working behind the scenes to provide our athletes with the best training around, and so we are glad to announce our upcoming Athlete Interest Clinics at CrossFit Verve.  Our amazing, top-notch trainers are each taking a different subject matter, and will be offering several 30 minute sessions to pass their knowledge on to you.  Classes will be focused and small, and we’ll be taking suggestions for new upcoming topics.  Sign up on MBO, free with your membership or if you are currently in Foundations/Elements.  We invite you to attend and let us know what you think!

  • Thursday, December 13 — Mobility, upper body focus with Courtney
  • Friday, December 14 — Butterfly pull-ups with Beth and Joe B.
  • Friday, December 21 — Mobility, lower body focus with Matt G.
  • Sunday, December 23 — Kettlebells with Robyn
  • Saturday, January 5 — Muscle-ups with Zink
  • Monday, January 7 — Handstands and handstand walking with Emmalee
  • Friday, January 11 — Rowing with Josiah
  • Saturday, January 19 — Tumbling and back flips with Mas and Ryan Y.
  • Sunday, January 20 — Pose running with Slaughter and Nate

CrossFit Verve Kids is announcing our Winter Break Camp!  We will keep your kids physically and mentally engaged during their time off of school.  Each class will be filled with skill work, a main event (WOD) and there will always be room for G-A-M-E-S!

  • Kids ages 4 to 7 years old will be in the “Verve Bobcats” group.  
  • Kids 8 to 12 years old will be in the “Verve Cheetahs” group.

Winter camp classes will run December 20 — January 5 on Thursdays at 4:15pm and Saturdays at 9:00am.
Cost for the camp will be $80 for the six classes, or $120 for two kids.  Or, if the kids can only make the Thursdays or only the Saturdays the cost will be $40.  The classes will be filled with functional fun and games.  Sign up here to get registered.   


  1. Jeremy :

    I’m sorry; you lost me after, “throwdown/dance-off.” Scotty L., consider the gauntlet duly thrown.

  2. Leslie :

    Oooh. I’m liking all of this stuff! I still dance like it is 1997. Just a warning.

  3. Scotty :

    Jeremy have you not noticed my abilitys when it comes to throwing down at parties yet? Careful what you ask for…

  4. Jeremy :

    Scotty, RE: SKills: Have you seen mine? It’s on, Son.

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