5 Rounds for max reps of:

Deadlift 120% of BW

Handstand push-ups

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post reps to comments. 


Welcome Lisa Ward one of the newest athletes at Verve.

This coming weekend is The Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifiers for the CrossFit Games 2009The event will take place over two days and is sure to be an inspirational show of human capacity.  There will be athletes traveling from 11 states to compete for their opportunity to go to Aromas, CA for "The CrossFit Games 2009".  We know of at least 10 Verve athletes that will be competing and would love as many Verve athletes as possible to attend and represent.  It's bound to be a blast. 

The Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifiers Saturday WOD's will be announced on Sunday the 10th at 9pm.  Check out their website for event details.  If you are competing and will be scaling the WOD's, they will need to be notified by this Tuesday at 9pm in order to guarantee scaling. Opening ceremonies are at 8:30am on Saturday and the first WOD starts at 9am. Second WOD starts at 2pm.  Get there and get registered early.  Parking is going to be a challenge so post to comments carpooling desires.

Congratulations to Anna Anderson, Joylyn Rader and Tim Martin who are now Officially CrossFit Level I certified.  Hope you guys had a blast and learned a ton.


  1. Mas :

    We already have the war paint, now we just need a war dance, like the All Blacks.
    game on…

  2. Matt :

    Congrats Level 1 trainers – you represented Verve well this weekend.
    HSPU’s are my personal weakness, can’t wait to give this one a try.

  3. Adrian :

    Good to see you this weekend and thanks for the workout yesterday. Best of luck at your qualifier and I’ll see you in Aromas…Oh, and we’re totally doing the water slides when we come back in a few weeks!

  4. Lisa Ward :

    hhahaha. LOL. Look at those little baby weights. Glad to be part of such an awesome group of people. Working on the rafting trip. Talked to some guides this wkd. Looks like the Arkansas river will actually be our best bet for late June. Great trip called the “NUMBERS”. More info to follow….

  5. Anna :

    Lisa this is where it all begins you look strong already! Mas love the video would love to do that dance anything to intimidate!!!

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