Monday 130128

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 

Then, as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes:
400m run
5 Front squats, 155# (105#)
10 Pull ups 

Post loads and scores to comments and BTWB.

Sarah D. perfecting double unders

2013 CrossFit Verve Change Your Life Nutrition Kicks off today!

This challenge will start Monday and run through March 11.  Get signed up with us to make this your best year yet!  Two categories to win include Performance improvement and Body Composition improvement (must include Hydrostatic BodyFat Test.)  Drawings every Friday for participants for prizes such as Personal Training sessions, meal planning, and Verve gear.  Winners in each category will receive gift bags including: 6 month membership in Nutrition Coaching Program, Verve T-shirt, real food gift card, possible sponsor prizes from TP, SFH, Progenex, and Rogue.

You must log all your intake, supplements, sleep, workouts, etc in a logbook of your choice or via your free membership on Beyond The Whiteboard.  All participants will be assigned an accountability partner and may attend all Nutrition Coaching Program meetings for the duration of the Kick-off.  In fact, we highly encourage you to attend, as you’ll receive helpful information, recipes, and support to make this lifestyle change for the better!  

In addition to our Nutrition Coaching Program meetings, we’ll be hosting weekly office hours (posted at front and outside office) to answer any questions you may have and we’re excited to offer you several fun events.  First of which, this Thursday at 6pm, Matt Gintzler will offer his Knife skills and Kitchen Prep extravaganza.  Come learn how to make your prep days efficient and productive, so you can better enjoy your hot body!

Cost – $75 (Due by Friday 2/1, check or cash only)
0 – 784 forfeit $ (less than 80% compliance)
785 – 872 $25 back (80% – 90% compliance
873 – 980 $25 back and new Verve t-shirt (~90%+compliance)

Each meal has three positive or neutral values:

-2 cheat meal: not Paleo, not Zone quantity (-10 possible per day)
+0 paleo meal that includes dairy
+1 paleo meal: all Paleo rules apply (5 possible per day)
+2 zone meal: all standard zone rules apply (10 possible per day)
+3 Paleo/zone meal: Paleo quality in zone proportions (15 possible per day)

Rule of 5 bonus points:
+1 no fewer than 5 meals per day (1 possible/day)
+1 fewer than 5 hours between meals(1 possible/day)
-1 more than 5 blocks per meal (-5 possible/day)

-1 for each alcoholic beverage (-5 possible/day)
-1 for no PWO meal (before leaving the gym)
-1 for less than 3 grams of fish oil/day
-1 for each carbonated beverage, except water

20 possible points per day for 43 days (860 points possible if end on 11th)
120 possible exercise points
Total of 980 possible points

-10 fewer than 3 WODs/week
+0 for 3 WODs/week
+10 for 4 WODs/week
+20 for 5 or more WODs/week

Bonus Points:
+1 64 oz of H2O in a day
+1 8+ hours of sleep (can include naps)
+1 if half of carb blocks are from veggies


  1. Clancy, can I get into tonight’s class? I think it’s packed because of the challenge (I didn’t think about it and sign up early and now the wait list is full!), I have to clean tonight so it’d be mighty good of ya if I could piggy back off the WOD. Pretty please?

  2. Leslie :

    Question- I just was talking with a co-worker about locking out your arms while lifting. He thinks it is bad- and never locks out and I was telling him that in crossfit we always do. An internet search came up with both results- so which is it? To lock out or not?


  3. Don’t Olympic lifters have to lock out? What’s the supposed problem with a brief lock out?

  4. Cherie :

    Leslie I have a two part answer for you on why we lock out in CrossFit.

    Bone on bone, shoulder over elbow over wrist, is the strongest support position and when lifting heavy is necessary in order for gravity not to land the load on your head

    Also, joints are ment to go through a full range of motion, this allows the tissue around the Joint to receive the most benefit from the activity; mobility, strength, blood flow etc.

    If you don’t use it you lose it. Many people do not have the ability to take their joints through a full range of motion due to lack of doing it. That is an unhealthy Joint.

    Cheers – Cherie

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