Monday 130204

Three 10:00 minute intervals on a running clock:

Run 1 mile
Complete as many shoulder press, 115# (75#) as possible with remainder of time.
Run 1 mile
Complete as many push press, 165# (115#) as possible with remainder of time.
Run 1 mile
Complete as many jerks, 205# (135#) as possible with remainder of time.

Compare to 121012.

Post reps to BTWB.

All of the above are examples of acceptable partner combinations for our Valentines Partner Competition this upcoming Sunday!  Okay, maybe Julia and Maria have an extra advantage of baby power….Anyway, grab your friend or foe and join us for some serious fun.  We’ll put on three WODs from 9am-12pm, all abilities can participate and there is something for everyone to excel at and enjoy.  Need a partner?  Sign up on the clipboard at Verve and we’ll match you up!

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” -Lombardi. 

As I sat and read this I was in the weight room at the University of San Diego.  I had to read it twice because my brain didn’t quite process it the first time.  As I read it again, I immediately became calm and let out a sigh of relief.  Why had I never thought of this before?  I have been punishing myself for not being perfect for years.  How many of you have been doing this?  What a waste of my time. 

I began to think of examples where this quote has been applied in my life.  The first example that came to mind, was my marriage.  You expect to say your vows and then magically you have this perfect relationship.  I mean you’re married, right.  This of course is silliness, and we’ve let our imagination (and maybe many romantic comedies) talk ourselves into this fairytale.  After sometime several people become disillusioned and think maybe they made a mistake (this could be the reason for such high divorce rates).  But the reality is that our imagination is just that, our imagination.  It takes a conscious action of continuing to strive to perfect your relationship in order to wake up one day and realize you have something excellent.  But the journey CAN’T stop once you’ve realized excellence.  If you stop then you’ve stopped chasing perfection and excellence will again elude you.  You must take active pursuit, consciously and continuously in the things you want perfection in.


  1. Scotty :

    I just wanna know one thing…. why are you watchiung so many romantic comedies?

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