Monday 130218

Sumo Deadlift
2 sets of 20 reps at 75% of 2RM(unbroken)

Post loads to comments and BTWB.

Master’s division 65+, Ben’s coming! Watch out world!

What are you waiting for?  The CrossFit Open is about no limits, no excuses.  It’s inclusive, it’s fun, it’s huge, it’s a chance to be part of something amazing with thousands of people around the world.  SIGN UP HERE.

“The time?”  Because CrossFit Verve will host each week’s workout as the WOD on Thursdays and as a special class on Sundays.  So you’ll be there anyway, getting your WOD on with all (okay, some) of your favorite people.  

“The money?”  Because it only costs $20 for five weeks of fun workouts and you get the chance to build yourself a cool profile, be part of the Verve team, and be part of possibly the biggest fitness competition worldwide for less than your daily coffee costs for a week.  

“Don’t like to have fun?”  No, it can’t be that because nobody doesn’t want to have fun, duh.  That’s why we all do CrossFit anyhow.  

“Too new to CrossFit or wait till you are better at some of the movements?”  Because after doing it for years, waiting doesn’t make anything easier.  In fact, some of our athletes challenged themselves last year with new skills (double unders, muscle-ups…) or PR weights and not only managed to surprise themselves and be successful, but be successful beyond their wildest imagination in the amped up Games environment!  

“Not really a ‘competitive’ kind of person?”  Because, you don’t have to be competitive to enjoy being part of history, being part of a team, and pushing yourself a little harder than you think you can.  Whether you are new, old, pregnant, injured, not at your strongest……just be your best self at that moment, and keep moving forward…..because there’s always next year, and who knows how much even more amazing you will be then!  

Your fitness journey will take you a myriad of places, let the CrossFit Open be part of it.    



  1. Dan :

    Hey Ben – You’re looking great buddy! Keep up the hard work.

  2. Scotty :

    Ben’s my hero!

  3. Bill :

    Ben is the most inspirational person there!

  4. Phil :

    Check out Ben’s aweomeness on’s Facebook page. He’s getting a lot of love there, too!!

  5. Leslie :

    Ben’s picture has gone viral! Can’t wait for the open to start. If anyone is on the fence about participating- go for it! Last year the programing was done so everyone can participate.- no matter what your experience level. The push was enough for me to get my 1st chest-to-bar pull up and overcome my fear of the 20″ box jumps. Just do it!

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