Monday 130304

For time:

50 Back squats, 75# (55#)
5 Rope climbs
40 Back squats
4 Rope climb
30 Back squats
3 Rope climbs
20 Back squats
2 Rope climbs
10 Back squats
1 Rope climbs

Post times to comments and BTWB.

Look ma! No hands needed for the fun at the Swim WODs.

Another weekend down, back to the daily grind.  At least the weather was awesome and we all got to enjoy swimming on Saturday and great team fun Sunday.  March is upon us and 2013’s only got 10 months left to attain those goals on the Mission 2013 board.  So many of you have already made great strides toward your best year yet, but don’t lose momentum yet!  Whether it’s dialing in your nutrition, gaining strength, or moving your body more efficiently –> you can be your best self yet.  As your coaches, we are always working to make you move better, feel better, and be the best you after you leave us.

What’s going on this week?

Nutrition Program meeting — Wednesday, 7pm.  Change Your Life Nutrition wrap up this week, what to do after it’s over?  Come discuss how to carry your amazing new healthy habits into your lifestyle longterm.  New recipes on hand as well.  Open to all Verve athletes. 
Paleo Night Out at Limon — Saturday 5:30pm.  Limon is putting together a custom, paleo menu including drinks for our group. So check out the menu, grab your grown up spouse or friend, and sign up at Verve to join us for a yummy, fun, night on the town.  Open to all Verve family!

Athlete Interest Clinics
Beginner Pull-ups with Cherie and Joylyn — Friday at 11am
Butterfly Pull-ups with Beth — Saturday at 12pm

2013 CrossFit Open season is upon us.  Our Mission – To cultivate a fit community that transforms lives by providing elite functional fitness, so that people may live happier and healthier. We use the CrossFit Games as a measuring stick to our progress and to have FUN FUN FUN!  Check out our team so far here. 

WOD 13.1 live announcement is Wednesday at 5pm PT.  Every Thursday all WODs, Moms and Skilz will be performing the Open WOD.  So sign up here, join CrossFit Verve as your affiliate and TEAM!

We’ll also be having a special session on Sundays at 12pm for athletes to complete the Open WOD each week.  As always, should your schedule not allow you to attend Thursdays or Sundays, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.  The Open is an opportunity to be part of the growing CrossFit community around the world and prove your fitness, please join us.  

A note about WOD programming during the Open: Wednesdays WODs will have an optional alternate Mobility/Skill WOD available to athletes participating in the Open on Thursdays in order to encourage appropriate rest and recovery prior to hitting it hard.  Both WODs will be coached with the same attention as always, but the Mobility/Skill WOD will only be available at CrossFit Verve, not posted here on the website.  

What are your thoughts?  Are you excited?  Nervous?  What are you going to do this year?



  1. Rex :

    Love the mobility wod on Wednesdays idea. That will be amazing for sure.

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