Monday 130318

High hang squat clean:
2 x 10 reps unbroken @ 60%

Post loads to comments and BTWB.

Shale, with his serious face and looking strong.

Some good words to remember from CrossFitLisbeth here…..

If you don’t have passion, you don’t have shit. If you’re not balls to the wall, stupid excited about what you’re doing, why are you doing it? The world doesn’t need another person going through the motions. The world doesn’t need another person making crap. The world doesn’t need someone else just doing shit and complaining until they die.

The world needs you alive.

The world needs you vibrant.

The world needs you on fire.

Now, that doesn’t mean that everything you do has to the be the most fun ever. I still empty the dishwasher and clean the bathroom. Neither of these tasks get me as amped as writing. I run in my CrossFit WODs, even though I hate running. If I only did what I was passionate about every day, I would sit in the gym and read and write and lift the barbell all day. My kids would come and visit and make me laugh. It might be fun … for a day. But get this: we do the other stuff so we can do the good stuff. We do everything else so we can have those moments when we come really truly fully heart-stoppingly-is-this-a-fucking-dream alive.

But first, you have to have good shit. You have to know what that is for you. You have to be able to name at least one thing off the top of your head that makes you smile just to say the words, one thing that thrills you just by thinking about it, one thing that you do that makes the other 300 boring things okay.

You gotta have something … and you have to want to be damn good at it. You have to want excellence.

This is the way you make your life better.

If you don’t know what that one thing is, then you need to figure it out. And if you know what your passion is, don’t rest. Don’t ever rest. PR excellence.

On Wednesday, March 20th at 6pm Dave Castro will announce CrossFit Open workout 13.3 from the shop floor at CrossFit Roots.  Immediately following the workout announcement two of the CrossFit Games’ top athletes will do the workout, on-site, in a head to head match-up, welcoming Kristan Clever (2010 Games Champion, 2nd 2011, 4th 2012) and Talayna Fortunato (3rd place 2012).  
The LIVE broadcast will begin at 6:00PM mountain standard time. Doors will open at 3:30pm and spectators will be able to get a seat in the bleachers, mingle, and hangout.  We are expecting a large number of people to make the trip out for this event! 
Moe’s Barbecue will be catering the event and will have food available throughout the evening.  After the completion of the workout, there will be an after party where we hope you will stay to hangout with the CrossFit community.   
There is no cost to attend this event and it is open to the public.  Food and drink is being provided by CFHQ at no charge.  We’ll have carpool list sign up at CrossFit Verve, several options of when to leave if you want to head up with us!  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so please join us if you can!



  1. Verve Crew! We hope you all will consider coming out for 13.3 at Roots. It’s going to be a great evening with a fun after party to follow the event. Email us if you have any questions!

  2. Courtney :

    A) Looking legit Shale!!
    B) What if my passion is Facebooking? And all I look forward to is those moments of which I may capture and post on Facebook? I’m not saying it is, just asking, that’s all, seriously.
    C) I know where I’ll be Wednesday night. It’s in my calendar and I put it up on FB. 🙂

  3. slaughter :


  4. James (O.G.) :

    6:00 doesn’t work for me. Can you have them move it to 6:30? Thanks.

  5. Jen M :

    Wow!!! Wednesday is going to be Awesome!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  6. Pottsie :

    Darnit! Wish I could! Cheer for me!

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