Monday 130513

Five rounds for time of:

15 Thruster, 95# (65#)
15 Bar-facing burpees

Post time to comments and BTWB.

Courtney “FoSho”-ing off her mad cruising skills.

At CrossFit Verve, we’ve always made the training and community experience for our athletes our #1 focus.  It always goes back to taking care of all of you everyday you walk into Verve.  We love each and everyone of you and we are passionate about helping you move better, feel better, look better and excel wherever in life you want.  

Along those lines, we are happy to announce the addition of Courtney Shepherd to our full-time training staff.  As you all know, Courtney has been an integral part-time trainer and connoisseur of Converse/Reebok shoes for some time now.  We are thrilled to have her full-time attention, please join us in giving her a hearty welcome!

A few words from Courtney to you….

“I’ve been around Verve for a little while now and I’ve had conversations here and there with most of you about what brought me to Verve. I realize though that each of you has some pieces and maybe not one of you has the whole story, so allow me to share my full CrossFit journey.

Before Crossfit I wanted to be skinny with a flat stomach, so I ran on a treadmill and did crunches. I discovered CrossFit in my fire academy and began to learn what it meant to be strong and functional. CrossFit was our daily PT and over the following four months I saw some amazing changes in my physical abilities and physical changes in my body, both of which I loved. I felt and looked strong. When my academy was over I tried to stick with my new found love of CrossFit but that was not the PT they were doing at the fire station, in fact no one really seemed to know what I was talking about. Over the next year I worked out however I could but the idea of CrossFit kind of fell out of my routine. Enter Mas and Joylyn Godinez, a couple I had known for years. I had not seen them in several months and when I did I barely recognized them. Turns out they both belonged to a CrossFit affiliate. . . they have whole gyms dedicated to this stuff????  Mind blown.  They loved their gym and insisted I stop in for a WOD. After day 1 I was in it for the long haul. I knew that this would become a priority in my life, I would find a way to pay for it and I would make the time to drive to the gym for it.

If you have read my bio on our web page then you might know my obsession with the “why’s” in life, CrossFit was no exception. I saved up my money over half a year to send myself to a Level 1 seminar. If CrossFit didn’t have me hooked before, it certainly did after. So much so that I eventually began to bug Matt and Cherie about coaching, I wanted to start sharing my passion and excitement for CrossFit with others. 

Over the past couple years I have come to love coming to Verve and training you all. That part of my journey wasn’t without some ups and downs, ask Nat Ridder about his favorite 5:30 am WOD some day. But with every up and down are lessons to be learned and I have enjoyed learning them at Verve.  The opportunity to do this full time was not something I could remotely pass up. Verve and the CrossFit community as a whole is an amazing environment that promotes health on the inside and out, it promotes vitality, love of life, adventure, and, most importantly to me, that any one is capable of achieving their goals. I am beyond excited to be in this environment full time, I’m excited for this continuation of my Crossfit journey, and I’m excited to share in your journey. Thank you all for the adventure of a lifetime, cause it starts now.”

Much love,



  1. James (O.G.) :

    Awwww. Yeah.

  2. Jay Cain :

    Perfecto! Glad you are following your passion.

  3. Scotty :

    Congrats Courtney!

  4. Guy :

    Stoked for you and even more stoked for us!

  5. Rex :


  6. Jen M :

    Fantastic news!!!!!

  7. Erin :

    More Courtney can only result in more PRs, more supple athletes, and excellent soundtracks for WODs! Perhaps a Verve Chuck Taylor as well. Congratulations, Courtney!

  8. Leslie :

    Congrats Courtney!

    Hey- who else is planning on going to the games in Cali? Are you getting Gold or Silver Tickets?


  9. Leah :

    Congrats, Courntey – what an exciting next step!! Look forward to seeing you even more at the gym!

  10. Andy E :


  11. Matt :

    Courtney… Couldn’t be happier for you and us.

    Gang, the Gold Tickets for the CF Games are sold out…. Don’t miss your chance (again) and get a silver weekend pass ASAP! Even if you can’t go, you’ll probably be able to sell it to someone who can. Buy it now!!!!!!’

  12. Jim D. :

    Hooray Courtney, looking forward to it. Bought my silver pass, it’s much cheaper when you qualify for the games!

  13. Emily :

    So very happy for you and for all of us Ververs!!!

  14. Dan M :

    Congrats Courtney!!

  15. aMy k. :

    Oh so happy! Congratulations, Courtney.

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