Monday 130520

Three rounds for time of:

21 Front squats, 95# (65#)
Handstand walk 40 feet
30 GHD sit-ups
Handstand walk 40 feet

Post time to comments and BTWB.

We’ll miss you Paul! Rooting for you all the way at the Mid-Atlantic Regional, love Verve & Pete.

Congratulations to all of our athletes who were out and about all weekend!  At the Fresh Meat Competition at CrossFit Cuspis, we cheered as Fernanda, J, Sarah P and Meghan all left everything out there in their first competition.  Sarah finished 16th, Fernanda 5th, Meghan 1st overall and J, a close 2nd place!  Also, we know many of you were running races, whether nearby at the Colfax Marathon (relays, half-marathons, full) or in the hills running 10k’s.  It’s an honor to be part of your training and makes us happy see you applying your fitness outside of Verve!  

Watching our athletes at Cuspis made my heart swell with pride.  Not only were each of them displaying an amazing attitude and the mental fortitude of veterans, but you all MOVED so well!  Even as the workouts wore on, your bodies have trained good positioning/range of motion and you moved efficiently and safely.  As a coach, that made me so happy to see!  And then as I looked around at the fantastic group of other Verve athletes that showed up throughout the day or were checking in on how everyone was faring, it was just another reminder of how truly awesome our Verve community is.  Thank you for all of that!  

Please join us for May’s CrossFit Verve Night Out on Friday May 24 at 9pm!  EXDO is hosting a DANCE< DRINK AND ROLLER SKATE Party with DJ PopAlot and a fantastic light show. So, get your groove on and show your moves on wheels, add a costume or show off your favorite big ass wig with some favorite Verve friends.

Check out the sign-up sheet at Verve, and get yourself on “the list.”  Then you just need to sport your fanciest knee high socks and pay for some rental skates.

Where:  EXDO
When:  May 24, 09:00pm
Why:  To do some of your best funk and one legged pistols on wheels.
Cost:  Free Admission, pay for rental skates (Like $5.00)

Find Patrick or email with questions.

**Schedule notes: This next weekend, Verve is hosting the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course.  
Saturday — Red Rocks WOD off-site  
Sunday — Endurance Fun Run at Commons Park  
Monday (Memorial Day) — Limited class hours, and at 10am –> Community Snack Attack Prep.  Bring your own dried fruit, nuts, jerky, and FoodSavers/baggies and we’ll be making paleo/zone friendly emergency snack kits.  These are great to keep in your bag when traveling to keep your nutrition on pointe!  

Get ready for some Hero WODs this Memorial weekend to celebrate and honor our service members and their sacrifices.


  1. slaughter :

    Go Paul! Kick ass in a couple weeks dude!!

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