Monday 130805

Overhead Squat

Then for time:
75 hang squat snatch 45#(33#)

Post weights and time to BTWB.


Thanks for making the 31 Heroes WOD a great success.  Thank you to everyone that came to workout and donated to a great cause. Thanks to the trainers who helped coach and set up as well as the athletes that helped us put all the equipment away.  The WOD was difficult for sure and it was definitely hot during those runs.  

Reminder the coaches from Strength Specific Seminar are coming back to CrossFit Verve on September 2.  This will be the Silver Level Seminar.  The seminar is great because their are a ton of breakout sessions where you get to apply what was recently discussed.

A very rare thing occurred Friday evening.  I was in the gym with an athlete going over her elements.  Luke comes walking out of the office and I see he has something in his hand.  It was an ice cube tray.  He was going to fill it up.  I almost fainted from shock upon seeing this. Luke filling the ice cube tray is a rare occurrence to say the least.  Where am I going with this you say?  Check out this blog that has some interesting edible ice cube tray creations.  Click Here.

Here is a taste of what is on the blog:  

Wine Cubes
White wine makes for a refreshing summer sipper, but a warm version? No thanks. Chill that wine with 100 percent wine cubes (it’s as easy as pouring and freezing). For an even fancier variety, freeze champagne for a lightly fizzed wine that’s perfect for sangria.

Simple ideas but I would have not thought of half of the ideas on the blog.  Love the coffee one, in my freezer as I write.


  1. Luke :

    I didn't refill the ice cube tray once. ONCE. This is the dumbest blog post ever. 


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