Monday 130812

"CrossFit Total"

Back Squat 1 rep
Shoulder Press 1 rep
Deadlift 1 rep​

Post totals to BTWB.

A little muscle up face off action!

Okay folks today is the day to see what gains we've made since we started the now ending strength cycle.  It's been a great 6 weeks with some cool workouts.  Legless rope climbs and sled drags?  Was that not a blast?  We've been programming movements that are designed to increase absolute strength and today we'll see how well you've done.  If you've been consistent for the 6 weeks we should see some amazing "Total" increases.  

On Thursday we will be starting our Olympic cycle.  We will test the two Olympic lifts to give us a baseline of where we are starting and then on Monday and Thursdays we will be programming movements and workouts designed to improve our Olympic Total numbers.  

Post your "Total" numbers to the comments and be sure to let the coach, that is writing your numbers on the board, know of any PR's.  Look forward to seeing some great improvements.

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