Monday 130923

Complex: Snatch Deadlift+Hang Snatch+Overhead Squat


EMOM 8 Minutes: 2 Snatches @ 80% of 1RM complex weight

Post weight to BTWB.


Giving amazing efficiency tips as always…

We’ve been running the competitors class for 9 weeks now and we’ve had a great turnout.  Athletes are excelling in the environment and pushing each other to levels they didn’t know were there.  If you haven’t come by the competitor class on Weds night or Saturday afternoon, please do.  The class is open to all athletes and completely scaleable to all ability levels.  We’ve just ended our oxidative build and will be moving more towards high skill gymnastics over the next cycle.  If you are looking for extra help on those tough gymnastics movements, make sure you stop by.

Speaking of competitors class, there are some great local competitions coming up.  The Lodo Open is on October 12.  We had a bunch of Verve athletes participate last year and Zink and Addie won the partner division.  The weights for the competition are all based on your body weight.  This provides an equal playing field for all participants.  For information about the competition, click HERE.

As discussed in a previous post, we will be having in an in house competition to determine our team for the Conquer Denver Competition.  Most likely the date for the in house competition will be November 2nd.  We are still finalizing the date, but it’s looking like the first weekend in November is the choice.  The team needs 5 men and 5 women so if you are interested in competing on the Verve team plan on the first weekend in November.

Girls Gone RX is next weekend and we have a bunch of females competing.  Show your support and go check out the Verve teams next weekend.  We will provide more details later in the week with regard to heat times and participants.   The same night, September 28th, we will have a Verve night out at Mile High Spirits to celebrate all the athletes that participated in Girls Gone RX.  This will be a great opportunity to see all your fellow athletes outside the gym walls.

If you are participating in other competitions please post to comments.  The Verve family always shows up so be sure to let us know where and when you’ll be competing so we can show the love.


  1. Trina R :

    I’m doing the Benchmark WOD on October 5!

  2. Trina R :

    By which I mean I’m doing the Benchmark BRAWL on October 5 at Crossfit Cuspis in Denver. It will contain three benchmark WODs.

  3. Joe M :

    I’m doing the MBS Crossfit Turkey Challenge Nov 23rd and 24th.

  4. Jim D. :

    Front Range Masters Competition the weekend of Oct 12-13th and the Turkey Challenge Nov 23-24th.

  5. NateRader :

    Lumberyard Thowdown on Oct. 19th at NoCoast Crossfit in Louisville and the Turkey Challenge in Nov.!!

  6. David H :

    Turkey challenge and the Monster Mash at Mile High Crossfit on 10/26!

  7. Jeremy :

    I’ll be participating in the FRCF Masters Comp next month along with Jim. Looking forward to it!

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