Monday 131021

Five rounds for max reps of: 
Body weight back squat
Rest 3:00

Post reps to comments and BTWB.

John always seems to be smiling.


Ten Questions With John Blaser

Where do you hail from?

I’m from Livermore, California. Growing up it was a smaller town in the Bay Area just outside San Francisco. Now it’s not so small.

What brought you to Colorado?

Colorado has remarkable paramedicine programs I wanted to be a part of. Also the offline protocols here are much broader than that of California.

You turn 21 quite soon. Are you excited to partake of your first alchoholic beverage? Are you anticipating “the buzz?”

Believe it or not I’m not a drinker. I worked in a bar so I’ve had my fair share of the night scene, and even now I party with water. (Yes, my mother is proud.) I am excited to watch my games with some buddies that insist on sports bars, so if their drunken war cries are what you mean by “the buzz” then yes. Absolutely. With video.

There was a workout in the CrossFit Open a couple of years ago. Went by the name of AMRAP 7 Minutes: Burpees. How did you do in that workout??

I got somewhere in the 130s. It sounds like a lot, but if you think about it I only really have to travel about 3 feet each rep. 

What is your favorite workout, and why?

Grace or the 30 burpee muscle up workout. They’re quick and I love those movements. Also there’s no real structure to those workouts so, beside counting, I can escape my thought for a while.

Do you appreciate what the movie Anchorman has done for your second home, San Diego? If not, why?

My people would not approve of an honest answer. 

Why do you enjoy coming through the doors here at Verve?

To see you and Courtney dance. It’s award winning. Why you still work here I’ll never know. The people and the community here are great; everyone here is a friend. Mostly though it’s humbling to be in a place where the only thing that matters to the rest of the crowd is your effort that day. 

What would you like us to know about you?

I’m actually pretty awesome after I eat. And I mean, who else can say they’ve died before and came back just to tell you about it?

What your goals for CrossFit?

My main focus right now is training to be a PJ in the Air Force. I’m noticing my limitations generally lie in my thought as opposed to my capacity and these workouts test my mental strength like no else. I would love to get stronger but killing my negative self talk comes first.

If someone wants to get to the heart of John Blaser… what would you tell them?

 I’ve been told I have a second stomach instead of a heart. So there’s that. I’m pretty simple. Every day I push my limits to do what I have to, and then every day I go home to the greatest group of friends and family. 

John, thank you for taking some time out for us so we can know you better. And good luck with your amazing goals. 


  1. slaughter :

    yea for PJ!!!

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