Monday 131104

For time and reps:
Run 1600 Meters
Max Reps Bench Press 155#(105#)
Run 800 Meters
Max Reps Bench Press 135#(95)
Run 400 Meters
Max Reps Bench Press 115#(75#)

Post time and reps to BTWB.

Slaughter getting his L pull ups on!

Alright boys and girls, this week we will start the tryouts for the CrossFit Verve Conquer Denver team.  We need 5 Men and 5 Women for the team.  We’ve added a bunch of open gym hours for you to come in and perform the Conquer Denver WODS.  These workouts are open to everyone even if you’re not interested in competing for a spot on the team.  Next Saturday and Sunday November 9th and 10th during open gym time, we will have people performing the workouts in a competition type atmosphere.  If you want a taste of competing in a friendly environment with no pressure, plan on being at Verve on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

I’ve created score sheets as well as a sheet with all the movement standards and requirements.  Please print one of each and bring them with you.  You are responsible for your sheet.  I’ll create a folder at Verve where you can store them but I’m not gonna track you down so be sure to submit your sheet for consideration.

Click the link below to access the Google Doc.  There are two sheets, be sure to print both.  Make sure your judge prints his or her name and initials each workout.  Be sure to have a trainer around to judge movement.  All workouts must be approved by a head trainer for consideration for the the Conquer Team.  There will be plenty of us around so just ask us to come watch you.  The workouts all have time caps so they won’t take too long.  You will be required to do 2 workouts the first day and then 3 the following day.  Rest periods have been allocated so be sure to stick to those.  If you want to do a second workout in less time than the allowed rest, that’s fine.

Scorecard and Rules

Be sure to ask any questions before you start the workouts.  We’re all friends and this is supposed to be fun so cheer on your fellow athletes.  These competitions are about FUN!  If I hear any bad talk the penalty is 20 minutes with Luke and his terrible jokes.  

Hope everyone will participate.  Scaling will be allowed for those just looking to get involved in competing and not attempting to make the Conquer Team.


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