Monday 131125

Muscle snatch 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Power snatch 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Snatch 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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Josh, finishing the 5k in his first CrossFit competition.

Congratulations to all our athletes on a great weekend.  Our Free Intro class and WODs were full of fun, and we had a ton of athletes competing at the MBS Turkey Challenge in Broomfield, while Matt and Lisa were getting work done on a team down in Colorado Springs at the Pilgrim Wars.  The number of our athletes and family who came by to cheer on and support these athletes was incredible!

Competitions are a great way to put your training to the test.  Some go well, some could go better, but all of them provide you with lessons.  Lessons on strengths, weaknesses, how your nutrition affects you, and tests how disciplined you are in your recovery.  

Every athlete can attest to the mental fortitude a competition takes, whether 1 workout, or a whole weekend.  The build-up of nervous energy before the first workout, and the rush of relief after being done are all feelings from your heart and just like the camaraderie of the competition, they remind you of how alive you are  . . . and what can really beat that?! 

Chilling before the run . . . in more ways than one. Think warm thoughts.

As this post goes to deadline, it appears that Matt and Lisa (1 dynamic duo) part of Team Dyno-Neight finished in 2nd place at Pilgrim Wars.  Awesome job guys!  

We are so proud of ALL of you!  Results from the Turkey Challenge are as follows:

Ali               22nd                                    
Robyn         15th
Meghan     23rd

Congratulations to Angela and Courtney who were invited to the final WOD for the Women’s Open Division.  Angela finished in 10th place and Courtney finished in 6th place, decisively winning the final WOD.  

Emmalee was invited to the final WOD, made a strong showing and finished the weekend in 6th place in the Women’s Pro Division. 

Joe               39th
Michael B  37th
David H     15th
Jim              32nd
Josh            17th

Nate was invited to the final WOD for the Men’s Open Division and had a dominating win of it to finish 6th overall for the weekend. 

Snatch Gobblers (Maddie, Lev, Jay and Patrick M) finished 25th.
Mod-Zillas (Cecily, Amy OG, Dan and Andy E) finished 38th.


  1. Luke :

    Congratulations, everybody. Great job.

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