Monday 131209

Hang power snatch

Post weights to comments and BTWB.


Yep, Linda made the blog two days in a row. That may be a first. Here she is during VBBC.


10 Questions With Linda Kiker 

1.) An introduction is in order for those who don’t know you. Where are you from?

I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. All I remember is the heat, golf courses and running to the bathroom to hide from tornadoes. 

2.) What brought you to colorful Colorado?

My dad brought us to Colorado. He was an outdoors kind of guy and loved Colorado, so he got himself transferred here to run an oil corporation (I was 8 yrs. old so I had to come with).  

3.) If there is one thing from Texas that you wish you had here, what would it be?

The only thing I wish we could have that they have in Texas is the humidity. Too dry here. I spend too much money on lotion and lip balm. 

4.) How did you and Eric meet?

Eric and I met at a bar. Super romantic, I know. It’s been 27 happy years. 

5.) What got you into CrossFit, and what brought you to CrossFit Verve?

My friend introduced me to CrossFit. I’d been doing cardio kickboxing for 7 years.. Didn’t know what I was missing until that first drop in class. Aaaand I was hooked. Completely. 
What brought us to Verve: After 2 years of CrossFit (much of that injured and pretty frustrated, if I’m being honest) I realized a need for more and different coaching. I really appreciate how knowledgeable, consistent and friendly the coaches are here. And the way I was genuinely welcomed into the community from the very beginning was awesome.
6.) What’s your favorite workout? Your least favorite?

My favorite workout- I favor the body weight workouts. 
My least favorite workout- Anything with a name. Strikes fear in my heart. 
7.) Easiest question: Who’s your favorite trainer?

Favorite trainer- Oh no you don’t. I don’t play favorites. Seriously though, every trainer in this gym has something special to offer. I really mean it.  

8.) What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Favorite cheat meal- First off I don’t like that word. Cheat makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong and it ain’t wrong to pamper yourself a little. I call it a “I deserve this meal”.  One word: NACHOS
9.) You’ve been known to cook a pretty good meal from time to time… What advice would you have for those who may have trouble making a transition to healthier foods?

My advice in making that transition to a healthier way of eating/cooking-  Don’t go and buy every bunch of kale at the store and expect you’re going to like it and your transformation will be complete. Go slow. Experiment with something you know you like and something you’ve never tried. Start with recipes that have few ingredients and try different spices. You gotta keep the intimidation factor low, get your taste buds going and then you can start to enjoy the food.  

10.) All right, Linda: What would you like us to know about you?

What I’d like you to know about me -You know this already..I like food. A LOT.  I would say overall I’m an open book, not a very private person. I was a competitive swimmer until the age of 20, I love fashion, most music (no opera thanks), gardening and modern art.  Something I don’t talk about very much is how much I’d like to be a successful cf competitor. I’m inwardly very intense about competition I think.  I’m also a personal chef. Basically, I work in people’s homes making them delicious foods. I like to hike and ski. And if I could horse back ride every day I would.


  1. Linda Kiker :

    I know we’re all thinking the same thing so I’ll just say it. How CAN I be so photogenic?!

  2. Patrick :

    I think youre pretty and welcome seeing you two days in a row.

  3. CrossFit Verve :

    linda, it’s a beautiful thing to see people squatting/moving heavy stuff, period.

    – Luke

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